Did I do the Right thing as an acolyte?


Today at Church, I was altar serving and when people were coming for communion, I had the paten with a Eucharistic Minister.

This guy came and received on the hand, and a medium sized crumb fell.

At this point, I just panicked! :eek:

I knew if the Host feel on the ground, you were suppose to consume it. However, I picked it up and placed in on the paten, because, Like I said, I panicked.

Of course, after communion was finished, I gave the paten to the priest and he put it in the chalice and consumed it himself.

Did I do something wrong or disrespectful? I know this is a little bit scrupulous, but just making sure I didn’t do anything liturgically wrong.



Generally you should consume it, but putting it aside is another option so it can be dealt with later (either consumed or dissolved). I say in my opinion you didn’t do anything wrong.

By medium-sized crumb, do you mean like bigger then a fingertip? If you’re getting crumbs that large, the parish might want to switch to a different host provider that’s less crumbly.


Is stuff like this not covered in acolyte training?


Be nice. We all forget something about our jobs at one point or another.

As to the Acolyte: But you did nothing wrong. The Eucharist was treated respectfully and was disposed of as it should be. Also, as a side note: Are you actually an Instituted Acolyte (someone appointed by the bishop, usually a seminarian), or just an altar server?


Hey JD, I would not be too worried. God knows you were trying to serve Him earnestly, and He will reward you for that :slight_smile: If the Host ever fell when I was altar serving, I would give it to the priest after he is done with his communion line and just quickly whisper “Hey Father, this Host fell.” Then the priest can consume it… I guess it just depends where you are at the certain point in time.

What you did was fine though. You had to act quickly, and that is what happens sometimes :o


I have only seen this happen once, and the priest motioned for the person to give him the fragment to consume.

Were I you, OP, I would simply ask your pastor what he wants you to do in such a case, and if what you did was acceptable.


In all sincerity should you be an altar server if you panic like that?


[quote="Exorcist, post:7, topic:290807"]
In all sincerity should you be an altar server if you panic like that?


I'm a new altar server and this was the first time it has ever happened.


You cannot say someone shouldn’t be an altar server because he panicked. Also, he said that he is a new one. It is just like driving a car. Sometimes there are split second decisions that people have to make which they were not expecting. If they crash or wreck the car, should they not drive anymore? Keep in mind that they are beginners.


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