Did I do wrong ?


I messaged a person of Colour on Facebook basically saying just for fun I didn’t agree with their top four entertainers ( I said Elvis was the king of rock and not Michael Jackson ) they called me a white bitch. I said i was sorry and I was trying to understand and to please teach me where they are coming from. They got lots of people to chime in calling me a white bitch etc and mocked me. I really want to support people of colour. I am aware people of colour are really struggling. What do you do when you aren’t welcome but you still want to pray for equality ?


In a situation like that, where people are going to get all fired up over very little, it’s best to just hush up, leave them alone and pray for them.


How… polite and respectful.

I would caution you from getting involved in these situations. They’re extremely volatile and nearly impossible to navigate correctly.


Pick your friends for the right reasons - random people on FB picked for their color is not a right reason (if that is what you did.)

All people of all races are struggling. We can pray for race relations, volunteer in community events (don’t have to be Catholic) but do so for the friendship, not pity. Stay out of FB discussions.


Nothing good comes from Facebook


Block them, @halogirl. And to clear things up, Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Roll. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop.

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