Did I do wrong?


Hi, I know I have read this before somewhere but when I ran several searches I couldn’t find it…

2 weeks I was granted a radical sanation for my marriage, and because DH was in the hospital I had no time to go to confession. I finally was able to go and because it had been over a year that I hadn’t been allowed to confess, I was very nervous. Also, because my marriage is finally valid, I was ecstatic. So with these emotions (plus my crying), I forgot to mention 2 mortal sins. I stopped to think for a while to see if I was forgetting something, but they just didn’t come to my head. The priest gave me absolution and my penance. He didn’t tell me to pray but I stayed in the Church to pray for a while. While I was praying, the sins came to my head.

I tried going to another CC for confessions to try and finish confessing, but there were over 20 people waiting with 20 or so minutes left for confessions, and with only one priest to perform these, also a mass was to begin exactly at 5 and I was there at 4:40 (with those 20+ people waiting).

Because I had read here that if you sincerely forget to mention a sin, you just have to mention it the next time you go to confession. I was hesitating on receiving the Eucharist, but I spoke to grandma and she said just to mention them next time I go confess. Because this is the holy week, I wanted to receive for Easter, but no more confessions are going to be given until after Easter. So, because of this I went ahead and received (with that in mind that I sincerely forgot to mention the sins).

My question is, did I do wrong by receiving the Eucharist since I know I forgot to mention those sins? Basically what I’m looking for is if I am right about what I read (wait till next confession), and was I wrong for receiving?



Relax! What you remember reading is correct. The next time you go to Confession, just mention them. Congratulations! We are happy for you!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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