Did I experience liturgical abuses/bad rubics?


I went to my sister’s youngest’s 1st Holy Communion today. They held it during a regular Sunday Noon Mass. (Different Diocese from mine - so there’s not a separate 1st Communion Mass at this specific parish).

They do not have their tabernacle up on the altar area, so an EMHC (FEMALE) went to get the Ciborium from the Tabernacle that is located in a separate small adoration chapel in the back of the sanctuary, right before Communion time. Usually a permanent deacon does this, I’ve been to Mass there before and know that for a fact. and 2) I observed one of the EMHCs consuming the remaining wine after Communion (or right before Communion was over). Isn’t ONLY the PRIEST or maybe a DEACON only supposed to do this?

I am so confused…I really hope I didn’t experience abuses…but I am afraid that I did. :frowning:


In our parish, the EMHC always consumes the remaining Precious Blood.


Did you speak to someone at your parish, in the community where you live, and ask them about your concerns? The pastor or deacon, or one of the EMHC’s?


Extraoridinary Ministers of Communion are supposed to consume any remaining Precious Blood.

May parishes have a lay person retrieve the ciborium from the tabernacle when it is in a side chapel. What are they supposed to do at daily Mass when there is only a Priest?



EMHC’s are obligated to consume any remaining Precious Blood. The priest, if he so wishes, may instruct the EMHC’s to return the chalices to the Altar where he consumes the remaining Precious Blood, but this practice is uncommon. If there is a deacon purifying the vessels, he may also consume what remains.


This is not my parish. it is my sister’s parish. Not same diocese.

I asked my brother in law later on, at their house, if he knew why their permanent deacon wasn’t at mass and he wasn’t sure. As I said, when I have been there for Mass before, it was their deacon (permanent) who would retrieve the Ciborium from the adoration chapel, not an EMHC. My parish in my diocese - the priest consumes the precious blood. EMHCs are used for the homebound so we don’t usually have them at Mass for Communion.


If your brother in law and sister are upset about this you could help them be at peace. I’m sure the pastor of someone else there can help them with the rubrics.


I am unsure why people are so quick to cry “liturgical abuse”.

No, nothing you describe is an abuse at all.




This happens in my parish because the tabernacle is located in the back of the church in a separate chapel and the priest is not going to leave the sanctuary to go to the tabernacle. There is not always a Deacon available, so an EMHC does this, and whether s/he is female or not has no bearing. I don’t think you experienced any abuses.


this is the norm for them. They don’t mind receiving from a female EMHC. I did have to explain to a niece, one who received the Eucharist for the 1st time a year ago, after Mass, why there was a woman giving the Eucharist to people. She’s also from my diocese and they don’t generally use EMHCs at Mass at her parish either.

Thank You for letting me know these were not actual liturgical abuses.


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