Did I fail to confess a mortal sin?


Earlier today I went to Confession. I confessed a lot of things I’ve done over the past month but I also confessed two things from >6 months ago that I feel were mortal sins that I genuinely forgot to Confess before. There was also another sin from even longer ago (at least a year, and possibly more than 2) that I considered confessing with the other two, which was essentially breach of contract in the form of cheating in an online game (it’s stupid, but like I said it was a while ago). I decided it wasn’t necessary to Confess because I wasn’t sure if that was grave matter and even if it was I didn’t know it was grave at the time I did it. The possibility of confessing it popped into my head one more time as I was listing my sins but I failed to do so. I did Confess lying, which was primarily for other actions, however. Pretty much as soon as I got home I started worrying that it actually was mortal the whole time and wondering if, though I didn’t see it as sin when I did do it, back then I was just rationalizing/brushing it off and “deep down” I though it was mortal sin, and that breach of contract in this respect would be mortal sin. Honestly it was so long ago and seems so tangential I don’t remember exactly how I feel, but it feels a little like that - but I may just be projecting too. Then I realized since I deliberately didn’t Confess it I may have invalidated my whole Confession. Did I fail to Confess a mortal sin in this context? What should I do if so?


What you did was not of grave matter.


Scrupulosity? You have to know it is a mortal sin to have sinned. If you weren’t sure and you didn’t confess it then there was no problem. If you didn’t realize it and then confessed it because you found out it was a mortal sin, it still wasn’t. Now your conscience should be clear. Accept God’s forgiveness and stop obsessing. I have noticed there is a lot of scrupulosity on this website. The priests keep telling those writing in to accept they are absolved and stop worrying about it.:slight_smile:


Second guessing one confession is NOT scrupulosity, though a person may be temporarily suffering in this condition. A person with true scrupulosity is constantly weighed down by even the thought of sins, and would likely have confessed all our OP’s sins and more, many times.

That said, you didn’t realize the gravity of your action: no mortal sin.


When you say I didn’t realize the gravity of my action, do you mean when I considered (and dismissed) confessing it or when I actually committed it? And how do I know I didn’t fail in my obligation to learn the ethics of the faith, or “deep down” knew it was wrong but rationalized?


Actually, in light of something I remembered from my confession before today’s, a more general question I’m wondering would be if choosing not to confess a sin that you don’t think is mortal, and then realizing it is mortal after the Confession, invalidates that Confession.


You have to know at the time you committed the sin that it was a mortal sin for it to be mortal. Do you know enough about your faith to know what is mortal? Probably you have a good idea. If you choose not to confess because you thought it wasn’t mortal, then it wasn’t mortal. If you change you mind after confession then confess it next time. If in doubt, confess it and let the priest tell you if it was or wasn’t. I still go with my first impression of scrupulosity. :slight_smile:


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