Did i get married in mortal sin?


Hi all, I got married last week but I’m a bit scrupulous, so I need to ask for your opinion. A few days before the wedding, after I had already been to Reconciliation, I was having a very stressful day and ended up getting very angry and grabbing my cat by the scruff of the neck and hitting her because she was doing something she shouldn’t have been but constantly did anyways. I was convinced this was a mortal sin because I was so angry and grabbed her rougher than usual, and was freaking out because I couldn’t get married that way and it would have been very difficult to get an appointment to see a priest. My fiance insisted that, since I didn’t intend any grave harm to the cat, and was only very angry and wanting to correct her ill behavior, that this this wasn’t a mortal sin and that I shouldn’t worry. So I got married. I’m still a bit freaked out that maybe I got married in mortal sin, so I want to know what you all think? Thanks for reading this far, haha. :blush:


A mortal sin must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. its subject must be a grave (or serious) matter;
  2. it must be committed with full knowledge, both of the sin and of the gravity of the offense (though nobody is deemed to be ignorant of the moral law, embedded into the consciences of every human being);
  3. it must be committed with deliberate and complete consent, enough for it to have been a personal decision to commit the sin.

No, I don’t think it is a mortal sin. Now, if it was a human, it most likely would’ve been a serious sin.


thank you for your reply- I do know the requirements for a sin to mortal, but being scrupulous makes it difficult at times to apply. shrugs

but why would it be mortal if it was a person, but not for a cat?

thanks again.


Exactly what sin did you commit? Theft? Robbery?

Put a specific label on it, and it might be easier for you to answer your own question.

I might mention I have to wash my kitten’s face–holding it under running water a second–for getting up on our altar. But she doesn’t hold it against me. I had to do it just now, and she came back and kissed me.


Well, since humans are more important than animals, I would think that would be more serious. I mean, if someone were to take out their anger on a child in a rough way, for example, that would be child abuse.

I think the Church says its wrong to wrongly abuse animals, and from what you said, it seems like that wasn’t your intention.

And, if you’re not even sure about the seriousness of your sin then you had no “full knowledge, both of the sin and of the gravity of the offense”. I would also think that the emotions of stress and anger would have clouded the “deliberate and complete consent”.


^makes sense. thank you for your help, I needed the reassurance. :o


It does not look like you sinned. Just relax and enjoy your marriage. I bet that you rather spend time with your husband instead of being on a computer wondering about sin. Log off and go to spend time with your hubby.


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