Did I have a vision? White priest Cord

OK in the middle of Marriage struggle and even thinking of divorce, A thought came to my mind
I was not asleep and it was not like something very supernatural , like a vision.
It was just an imagination or let’s say a thought

I was kneeling down in front of a white cord , the priest body I could not see all I could see was a white cord and I kissed the cord.
Then I search in internet and read about the cord of Saint Thomas Aquinas

I am upset at God. I am such a beautiful person , Perhaps I should have been elected as Pope :slight_smile: , All my life was life of prayer and was betrayed by God. You know what … Forget about it … Again I am fool . Another stupid imagination but can you please pray that God’s scenario about my life becomes better . With all my prayers , rosary etc …
Oh I need some stilnox tonight

let me answer myself . Probably the belt means Bible. I must hold fast to my bible

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