Did I invalidate my Confession by lying?

I went to Confession today and it mostly went well. I had to Confess some sins from my last Confession thst i didn’t get to say because i was interrupted. However, when i mentioned the sin, i said that i forgot it last time, not that i was interrupted. I know i knew i was supposed to say i was interrupted at latest halfway through saying i forgot it, but didn’t, but i don’t know if it was out of anxiety or if i forgot and then remembered or what. I know lying in Confession can invalidate it, did I lie in Confession and therefore invalidate it?

I don’t know what you mean by you being interrupted telling your sin. Do you mean you were interrupted because the priest said not to confess the sin over again?

May God grant you his peace.

I mean in my last Confession there were some sins i didn’t Confess because the Priest interrupted me and i felt uncomfortable interrupting him.

Well then no, you didn’t lie because when he interrupted you, you forgot to tell the sin(s).
So what you said was true…you did forget. You are ok.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

I think you worry too much. Jesus is a loving God who has given us the sacrament for our release from the bonds, not as a chain of legalism.
Talk to the priest in more calming surroundings and explain your nerves. We can all get wound up and can over-think situations.

Thanks. This is what I initially thought, but I worried since I did remember the sins, I just didn’t have the courage to say them, so I didn’t technically forget them.

Thank you for the words. I am trying to remember God’s Love, and I feel like He understands what I did and that it wasn’t out of malintent but anxiety, but I still worry very much that I have invalidated the Sacrament. I still feel like I’m being legalistic, but I have trouble working through my worries.

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