Did I Invalidate My Confession - Twice? (Scrupulousity involved)


To make a long story short, I went to confession today after three weeks time. In my confession, I rambled quite a bit and at one point it came to an ideology every Catholic should hate, communism. I confessed that some of my hatred of communism might slip over to the sinners who are communists, instead of what I should do which is to hate the sin, not the sinner. I said I did not know a communist. I received absolution for it and my other sins.

But I think I might have felt a twinge ( maybe imagined) while saying that. I was very nervous throughout the whole confession. When I was about to start my penance, I remembered that I knew a socialist from the internet. I panicked. When the confessional was open again, I confessed that I knew a socialist from the internet but not very well, and that I feared I invalidated my confession. He said absolution again to give me peace of mind. I felt fine briefly after that until after I had left the church, but then I wondered if I lied if I said I didn’t know this person well though this person asn’t one of my closest friends (because we did speak a few times on non-political things, albeit not recently as far as I can recall), and I’m scared now that I am guilty of sacrilege again and am in a state of horrible mortal sin and can’t receive communion tomorrow morning like I long for. It was not my intention to lie. Advise please!


You were absolved. Be at peace.

Since you struggle with scruples, it is better that you don’t ask these questions here. Seek the assistance of your priest and perhaps a mental health professional.

You are in my prayers.



As Fr. has said above, it isn’t the best idea to seek advice from CAF. The best people to seek advice from are your confessor, spiritual director etc.

I’m flagging this, not becuase your did anything wrong, but because it’s what the moderators ask us to do. They have a program in place to help those with scruples.



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