Did I invalidate my confession?

I am worried that my confession this morning might not have been valid. I had confessed having a bad temper and sometimes thinking really mean things about people. The priest asked me if the thoughts just stayed in my head. I said “yes”, but as soon as I said it, I thought of several times that I had spoken the mean thoughts out loud. I didn’t correct my earlier statement, so that could be a lie. Is my confession still okay or should I re-confess everything? I went to mass this morning, but was afraid to take communion in case I committed a mortal sin in confession.

After confession, I tend to always worry that I said or did something wrong. Or I worry that I forgot to confess something. But this is the first time that I’ve gotten a bad feeling in the confessional.

Please help.

No, you did not invalidate your confession. You honestly answered the question, you were just mistaken in your answer. There is no need to go over things with a fine toothed comb, God is loving and merciful. The crux of the problem is the thoughts that originate in your head, the priest was simply asking questions in order to give you good advice. Your confession was valid, be at peace.

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