Did I invalidate my confession?

Hi there,

I went to confession a number of months ago and mentioned a sin.

I didn’t want the priest to ask any questions about the background to the sin, so I phrased the sin very generally, but I feel I did try to explain the sin at the time, and the background information would have been irrelevant to the sin. I did, however phrase it in a way that I would be able to name the sin without the priest asking for too much details. It turns out that I think this may not have been a mortal sin. There was another sin associated with this incident that was mortal and I felt I didn’t describe it fully (and I was also anxious to hide the background). I have since brought this up in confession and the priest said that it would not have invalidated the confession and I repeated the sin, and the background. I didn’t repeat the sin which I think may have been venial or just a temptation.

Can I assume that I have not invalidated my confession or is it necessary to repeat these sins.

Also, does it only invalidate the confession if you purposely hide a mortal sin, or not mention some essential information that would affect the gravity. The information I was trying to hide was irrelevant to the gravity sin. Also, when I re described the background to the sin I had worded it very carefully but actually ended up falling over my words and not describing it in as much detail as I could have.


The following link should help answer your question about confession. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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