Did I make a mistake?


Hello! I just have a {relatively…ok, not really xD} quick scenario and question.

Today, I went to mass late in the morning/noon and received communion. Then, I went to a different mass later in the evening and also received communion. I was under the assumption that you could receive twice in the same day as long as they were at different times and not the same mass. I’ve read the different threads and canon law about it, but I’m still confused by it. :confused: :blush:

I was then told today that you could only receive twice in the same day if the two events were completely separate. i.e., You couldn’t receive twice if it was at two masses, but you could receive twice if it was at {let’s say} a wedding in the morning and a daily mass in the evening.

Basically, am I in the wrong, and do I need to go to Confession for this?



Here's what you may do, per canon law:

Receive communion twice in any 24 hour period (midnight to midnight). The only other requirement is that the second time be at a Mass at which you attend and participate at (ie, not drop in just to receive communion).

You may receive a third time if you are dying.


So, what I did was ok? {I fully participated in both masses.}

Thanks for making it clear! :}


Yes, what you did was OK.


Thanks, guys!

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You’re fine! I know a woman who attends both morning and evening Mass whenever she can. Her mantra is, "I like to start and end my day with Jesus in the Eucharist."


If you receive twice in one mass, you have only received once.

For example: you receive Christ in the form of bread (that’s once)
Then in the form of wine (that’s a 2nd time, but still only once)
If, you are also an EMHC and need to consume additional communion wine, that’s a 3rd time, but still only once.
If, you take communion to the homebound, and one of the people you were taking communion too was unable to communicate, you could consume that host, that’s a 4th time, but still only once.
. . . One mass, once reception of the Body of Christ.


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