Did I meet the one you call God?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the first post I made of this won’t be answered by an apologetic so I’ll take it here. I had a dream about 15 years ago which I’ve yet to speak of. It began in an old european looking town or village with cobblestone streets and tall houses on both sides. I appeared wearing an old monks robe and there was an old man with a grey beard standing there wearing an old munks robe as well. Nothing was said and I then jumped onto the roof of one of the old houses and started running from roof to roof until I came to a courtyard. In the courtyard there was a pool of white light swirling around. I then jumped into the courtyard and approached the pool of swirling light. As I got closer I could see this same light in me. Upon reaching it I bent over and looked into the light. It suddenly started blowing into my face and I yelled “no!” as the light burned my face. But I wasn’t yelling for being in pain because I felt no pain. It was the love I felt that caused me to yell. This love was greater and stronger then any love I’d ever felt. It was not of this world. At the same time I also felt that this power, not of this world was simply known as “It”. Next I find myself back on the cobblestone street and my brother is standing there. He hands me a cup of white liquid that I start to sip on. It is chaulky in taste and the burns on my face are healing up as I calmly stand there. That is the end. I can’t overlook the facts about this dream. This love and this presence was beyond anything in this world. It was much greater. And it gave such a feeling of peace to me. I don’t know why I would have such a dream but I do know that when I die I hope to return to this pool of light and become part of it.

"… but I do know that when I die I hope to return to this pool of light and become part of it. "

You can my friend, you can.

God sometimes speaks to us in dreams- just look in the bible. If you experienced great peace and consolation, there is a good chance that it might be from God in order to guide you onto the right path. Start praying and He will reveal Himself to you. Good luck and God bless!

Interesting dream. I’ll join you out on that limb with what comes to my mind concerning what it might mean.

Not sure where the “It” would come from since "it"s can’t love. Maybe that is something you’re meant to figure out as a lesson from this dream.
Just a thought, but have you perhaps thought of God as some sort of impersonal power?
Or perhaps even doubted the existence of God ascribing to material elements ("it"s) the creative role of God.

Another point is the healing liquid - in your dream it is not pleasant in taste; and you have burns. Spiritual healing of our soul, cleaning the sin out of us, is often that way. Recognizing our sins and admitting they are sinful can be difficult. Repenting and amending our lives can be painful.

God is love beyond our imagination; we have to be made holy as He is holy (cf Mt. 5:48; Rev. 21:27) to live with Him eternally in heaven.

This is what I interpreted of this dream, or sensed of this power. The term God doesn’t apply. A God is something that must be worshipped. This presence doesn’t require people to worship it in order to be excepted by it. The reference to “It” is still a mystery to me. But I feel that the one that is known as God is a presence that most people sense is there. As for those who don’t believe in any God or higher power I just wonder if that means they don’t sense this higher power or they are just denieing it. I feel this presence and feel a part of it. I feel part of something a lot better then this world yet it is out of reach and to feel it completly would be beyond human. I don’t feel I need to live life according to the Catholic religion in order to be excepted by this presence. I also don’t believe in praying to this presence in order to make things go better here on earth. Thinking that “God” will save you from anything here on earth has been proven wrong if you just look at all the suffering and torture that happens to people religous or not. You may want to interpret another dream I had in which this darkness was slowly creeping towards me in this old building I was in. The feeling it gave was terrifying to me and I quickly woke myself up. That feeling of terror lingered as I lay there thinking about it. Should I interpret that as a warning of what could become of me?

nobody here is competent to make any judgement about the dreams or spiritual experiences of other persons. If you feel you had a compelling supernatural experience your best help in discerning its meaning would be conversation with a wise priest. There are many wise spiritual writers, Ignatius, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Francis de Sales among them, who speak about discerning such experiences, and how to know if they are from God. The most likely thing, since you ask the question in that way and the overwhelming feeling you were left with is love, that God in some way for his own purposes communicated that love to you. The next question of course is how would one respond to that love?

I had a similar experience a while ago. I heard a voice in my dream that I knew was God (in the dream anyway). The voice said “I want you to know how much I love your wife.” Then I had the most profound feeling of love you could imagine. Then I woke up and my wife was sleeping peacefully next to me. Intrepret that how ever you want, but I think God was telling me to love my wife like He loves her.

I believe “It” would be describing a Presence to be more accurate and this Presence does love. There is no doubt in my mind on what I felt of this and any disputes of it can easily be brushed aside since I know what was experienced.

You say you can not overlook the facts about this dream.
I don’t mean to be rude by asking this, but what exactly were the facts about this dream?
Facts are not things we dream about. I had a dream that I was able to get to the hospital before a friend of mine died. But, it was a dream. Not to be confused with the facts of what actually happened.

The feelings of the dream. I’ve described those feelings thus far. Maybe as humans most people want to believe there God is there but they would not easily believe there God to show it’s presence so strongly. I can’t claim this was your God I can only tell you the experience and what I felt of it. I can’t care if anyone believes what I say. It’s not relavent to get caught up in that. I’ve had my experience and I know some will try to discredit it. This light can’t be snuffed out by all the skeptics and critics in the world.

There is only one God and he has only one Church (The Catholic Church).

Here is what i think is happening to you and yes, God can use dreams to speak to you.

Your mind , right now, is like a battle field where good and evil wage war for your eternal spirit.

The street and the men are from a past time ( old world-like)( represent you old thinking, the religion you were taught). Now you are holding yourself above it all,(on the roof) but jumping roof to roof ( seeking idea after idea) until something catches your eye from the past.

This "light’ which you say gives off tremendous love and yet you say "no!’. It harms you face yet you say there was no pain. You are not ready to accept this as either Jesus ( I AM the Light of the world) nor as Satan ( Lucifer- the most brillant of angels) so your mind will only call this presence “It”. This is imagery of which side will win- good or evil. Will you believe and accept Christ or will you deny Him or be agnostic (you are not sure what “it” is?)

Since you gave no details about your brother, I think this just may represent your ties to present life, the love of family, the knowledge that you are still on this side of life .

Interesting that the drink is not wine. But white and chalky, yet it has healing power over the burns …Again, not quite a full belief in the Blood of Christ which was shed for the forgivness of your sins…but something in-between…chalky medicine that purges the insides… getting rid of waste (sins)

I quess the question is now:Which light will win ? Will “it” become Him?

Jesus is not giving up on you yet.

Its Holy Week. Not too late for you. Go back to Confession, tell your dream to the priest … AFTER you make fully confession. Then go to Mass on Easter Sunday and receive the Eucharist again.

Has it been 15 years, or more, since you last received the Body, Blood, Divinity of Christ @ Mass ?

If the dream was intended to have meaning for you, and you pray for the interpretation, … God will reveal the meaning to you, once you return to Him for answers. :thumbsup:

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