Did i participate in sin?

ok, so here’s the story

a lady that i know lives with her boyfriend. they were supposed to get married last march but she ended up getting pregnant “accidentally” in january so they ended up putting off the wedding to after the baby was born (sit still hasn’t happened yet). anyways, i got invited to her baby shower in august and i went, not relaly thinking much of it.

now i’ve come to a realization that i might heped in participation of their sins since attending the baby sower probably gave off the impression that i was ok with them having the child out of wedloc. ugh…

on the other hand, there’s nothing really sinful about a baby shower in itself even though it was conceived in a sinful way. sigh… i just don’t know. at the time, i just thought we were celebrating its birth getting closer, which in this day and age of death culture, is a pretty big step in the right direction. but perhaps i was wrong. life is complicated.

any thoughts? besides mentioning it in my next confession…

How is celebrating the fact that a woman chose life participating in sin?

You had nothing to do with how she got into her situation. Supporting her now, even if just by attending a shower and bringing a gift for the child, IMHO, would be the Christian thing to do.

A baby shower is not a sin. Regardless of whether the parents are married, the baby still needs clothes/baby items, which I believe is the point of the shower.

No sin as far as I can see.

You have not sinned, you participated in a celebration of life. The mother has chosen life for this child. You really do not need to bring this up in confession.

Ostracizing women who conceive out of wedlock only leaves them more vulnerable to the peddlers of the Culture of Death. I speak as one conceived out of wedlock myself. My mother was strong and chose life for me, but many women who do the same lose their resolve when they receive only shaming, pessimism, and alienation. My mom got plenty of that, but there were also people who were there for her when she was feeling scared and ashamed. As far as I am concerned, those people who supported my mother’s choice of Life helped to keep me alive as much as she did, because they sheltered her from the pressures that could have pushed her toward an abortionist’s office.

You did right by going to the shower. Babies are gifts from God, no matter how they were conceived, and the baby is who the shower is about. The best thing we can do to prevent abortions is to be there to support the baby. If your friend does not already know that she has done something wrong, your refusal to go to the shower would not have taught her repentance anyway. You should also go to the wedding, assuming there are no obvious impediments to a valid marriage, since the sacrament is worth celebrating, even when the couple has a “past”.

Don’t worry about it… at least you were invited,how would you have felt if you were not…
Just be good friends with them,and what they do in there own lives is up to them…
just be there and give them friendship support… maybe once a month or so give a subtle hint
that God exists …

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