Did I promote sin?

So, there’s a newly-opened thrift shop, and I purchased something (non-morally objectionable) from them recently. They have a lot of retro/pop culture items, but I noticed on their FB page that there are some art pieces they intentionally modify to make, I don’t know, “quirkier” I guess. (This is apparently a common thing nowadays, and one guy that was helping out at where I work was doing the same thing for a time.)

Here’s my issue: looking at some photos this shop has uploaded online, it looks like they’ve got some Christian statues that they have modified, including what I think is a Christ child, to be ‘creepier’ - this is something I of course strenuously object to. I don’t think it’s an intentional statement on Christianity or anything like that (there were some pictures of portraits of Christ and, I think, a Saint that I can’t identity for sale that don’t appear to have been altered), but the fact remains there’s some objectionable-to-me content there.

My problem is this: I was going to write a full post for my website on what I bought, but the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me. But, I did write an FB post along with a picture of my item, and I thanked them, and included a link to their website. My question is, did I promote sin because they have items of a morally-objectionable nature in their shop? Do I need to bring this up in confession? Or am I being too scrupulous? (My scrupulosity has been acting up pretty bad the last few months, so…?)

Mortal sin has to have intent behind it. If you did not intend to sin, if it isn’t a grave matter (murder, theft, etc) and you did not know it was a sin, then you have not committed mortal sin. If anything, it was venial and those are forgiven at mass. If it helps you to sleep at night, delete your FB post.


Because it was unintentional, I wouldn’t consider that to be a sin. At most you would be culpable for venial sin. Go to confession if you want, but you don’t need to. For venial sin, you can ask for forgiveness in your prayers or even just receive the Eucharist. For the Facebook post, you could remove the link to the store and add a paragraph at the top with this new discovery you found (the modified crucifix). I would talk to the store owner and make sure they know the weight of what they are doing. You can also send an email or letter if you don’t want to talk in person. Hopefully, they understand and remove that item from the store. If they don’t, it would be best to not shop there or talk about it with others. Assuming they don’t change their practices, I think it would be a sin to shop there or advertise to others while knowing they are not respecting God.

Well, here’s how it went down. I haven’t actually been in the store; this item was shipped to me. (They’re local, but a bit too far away for me to visit easily.) I had noticed some of these offending pictures when they were first opening and posting shots online, but I had totally blanked on them when I bought the item, and it was only after I told them I’d give them a plug that I recalled. I was actually in the midst of making my website post when I remembered, and in an effort to lessen the plug while still keeping true to my word (not that my word matters much when it comes to offending our Lord, but…), I basically switched it to a “thank you” FB post with the link to their website. Maybe I shouldn’t have done even that; I should asked here first before posting anything. I don’t know where I stand right now, but I sure feel awful. I have no idea if they even still HAVE the items, but I suppose that doesn’t matter much now.

I have removed the FB post entirely, let the chips fall where they may.

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