Did i read this right?

i just did some research on the Vatican II.

if i get it right, basically its supposed to be a modern council, that changed with the socials of the time. less literal more thought.

am i the only one who sees a problem with this?

please tell me its not around anymore and that our Pope doesnt believe in the ways of the Vatican II, even though he was a participant in that council.

there’s nothing wrong with VII, only with how some (more liberal) people have interpreted it… or used it to further their own agenda. The council itself is not bad, it was a council of the Church so we should accept it.

it was a pastoral council and made no changes to doctrine…

and yes Pope Benedict accepts it, so we should too :thumbsup:

(I’m saying this as a person who loves tradition…I think VII doesn’t go against tradition…again, only how people have interpreted it)

the best way to research the council would be to read its documents :slight_smile:

thanks ill check it out.

Ditto what Monica said. There has been a ridiculous amount of “spin” and (mis)-interpretation of Vatican II that it’s not even funny.

Go straight to the source. Read the actual documents. They are not especially difficult reading, although not “lite fare” by any stretch…



Vatican II was needed because of the condition of the Church in many places in the world. It was an attempt to halt movements that would have destroyed the Church as we know it today. Both the late John Paul II and presently Benedict XVI are steering the Church back to its roots and want to implement the TRUE changes that Vatican II suggested. It’s been a real battle.

What I see a problem with is this sentence of yours:

\if i get it right, basically its supposed to be a modern council, that changed with the socials of the time. less literal more thought.\

It’s not very clear. Can you recast it, please, and explain yourself more clearly?

Well the Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox Churches encountered the same movements if not worse (communism and islam) and they are not destroyed. And they didn’t need to establish a pastoral council. The Divine Liturgy is the same as it was for thousands of years.

It affected the Western Church in a far more destructive way. Go read your history.

Thank you so much for your link! I’ve often wondered what the deal was with V2 but never really researched it myself. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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