Did I see a miracle?

A few nights ago I saw like a bright light light up in front of me. Is this a miracle or something else?

It looks like the holy light miracle in Orthodox churches

Talk to priest

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And if it keeps happening also see a doctor


It’s best to assume it was a natural phenomena. Were you sleep-deprived? Stressed? Just woke up? Lots of things could cause visual hallucinations or disruptions.


Absolutely this. I saw bright lights, and it turned out to be my retina tearing. I should have said don’t wait for it to happen again. See an opthalmologist asap.


Oh my gosh!!! :open_mouth:

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I guess I’ll see a doctor.

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You’re not helping.


I’m going to see a doctor.


Good idea :+1: Let’s hope for no vision problems! Hope it goes well.

Who can say? I was seeing sparks and found out from an ophthalmologist that it was Posterior Vitreous Detachment.

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I found out it was migraine with aura and optical neuropathy… Far from miracles

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Oh, I forgot about the aural migraines. I get those too.


Terrible thing :face_with_head_bandage:

It’ll take a lot to convince me that what I see in that video is a miracle and not just cameras flashing and such.

Yes, it’s good that you’re seeing a doctor if you’re seeing flashes like that in the absense of an identifiable light source.

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Probably not. Where were you? Was it day? Night? There is most likely a natural explanation. Would seeing lights have a particular spiritual significance to you? If so, ask the priest.
Also, if it appeared to be more in one eye than the other, or was in daylight, or happens again, please see an ophthalmologist ASAP. My friend saw this in her kitchen and she had a torn retina. Thankfully, her daughter who is a nurse insisted upon going to the emergency room and they were able to save her sight.

Stop fixating on these silly things that distract you from real spiritual things. Go to Mass, you will see a miracle there.


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this has been happening a lot to me. It’s most likely a vision problem.

I’m going to mass tomorrow. i can’t wait.

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