Did I sin by doing this?

I am 20 years old and have had problems with pornography and masturbation in the past, I am trying to end it once and for all. Today I was browsing online at bodybuilding pictures of men, the ones were they are shirtless and show off their muscles, because I am trying to get bigger and wanted to see other’s progress. Upon looking I came across pictures of a nude women as they were on google images and I guess they were related with the bodybuilding images somehow… I admit I did feel aroused from it when I saw it but I did not masturbate and I turned my attention to something else when I realized the situation I was getting myself into. So I did look at it and felt aroused but I took no action and stopped myself. Did I mortally sin? I feel that I did not, as God knows my struggle with this and I stopped myself.

Not at all friend. Based on what you said to me, I would say you committed no sin at all. But if a sin was committed, it would be venial, not at all mortal. Be at peace.

No. You did not sin. You actually did quite well considering past troubles.

I advise you you to try to strengthen your will. Just like the body needs exercised, the will needs exercised to. This can be accomplished by giving up things we enjoy. For example, you may want to give up all pop and candy for a while. Also, something that I do is I start eating maybe a few gummy bears for example then I just quit. That way, I feel that I am tempted to eat more.

You did not sin. You actually did well, by recognizing the occasion of sin and avoiding it.

Thanks for responding. I am glad I did not continue further. What about this scenario, it has happened to me in the past as I struggle to over come this vice: I would look at nude images on purpose but then I would realize that I am getting back to my old ways and then I would stop right away without going further and turn off the computer…would this be a mortal sin or a venial because I stopped myself and I am trying to get over this problem?

At face value it would seem to be a venial sin but what you need to do is to have a regular confessor. It’s about full consent and he would be able to best discern that with you. This is a very tough battle and there are many things that entice you that can mitigate your full consent. So, go to confession regularly and you seem to be on the right road. God bless you and know the peace of Christ this Christmas day.

Remember to never ever leave Google Safety Search Off.

An excellent point. I’ve seen all kinds of trash even when searching for images of the human brain for my lecture classes… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think this is a huge thing to worry about. However, if (or when) something borderline-sinful happens to me, I silently pray to Christ, asking Him to forgive “any sins I have committed, whether or not I am aware of them.” I also ask that He would guard my mind and keep me from temptation. Nobody has ever told me that’s the correct approach for such situations, but it definitely makes me feel closer to my Savior and keeps me from worrying about, “What if that was actually a sin I need to confess…”

Correct me if there is a flaw in my theology,

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