Did I sin by looking?


I tried this question yesterday, but I don’t think that it went through.

I was looking at some funny jokes and pictures sites. And they had some nude pictures too. Then I started looking at more of that stuff. I didnt look up porn sites, but i did look at some pictures of lingerie stuff and some body surgery pictures. I ended up looking at more naked pictures from those types of things. When I quit I felt guilty and prayed for God to forgive me, and I will try hard not to do it again (I want to stay away from all sugestive things). I wasnt thinking about sex, I was just looking, so I dont think that I was lusting.

I was planning on going to confession before Christmas. But I feel like I probably should go now. My mom was in an accident the other day and is in the hospital. I will probaly be going with the rest of my family up to see her Sat. afternoon, so I don’t think that I will be able to make it to confession. Is it ok for me to go to church and receive communion now. I will probably go tomorrow if we are home then, anyway. Sorry, Thanx.



It sounds like you became involved innocently enoung. Next time you need to be more careful. Those images can have a way of coming back in a very bothersome way. I don’t see any sin here.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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