Did I Sin, or Did I Not?


I was looking for some lip balm, and my mother handed me one which had a faint red color. I was afraid that it might look like lipstick, but I tried it anyway and I said that I hoped I didn’t look like a rude word which British call cigarettes that starts with F and rhymes with maggot.

I was not thinking when I said it, and I was tired. I don’t know if this is grave matter or not. It sort of slipped out of my mouth, but I believe I had full consent to say it. I could be wrong, but I think calling groups of people names is a sin, so I guess I am fully aware it is a sin.


Eat a snickers


If you don’t know whether or not it’s grave matter even after the fact, you couldn’t have possibly consented to committing a mortal sin.

As I’ve encouraged you to do before, please look through this examination of conscience: materdeiparish.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Examination-of-Conscience-for-Adults.pdf

It should help you tremendously in terms of learning to distinguish mortal from venial sins.


I agree with Eichelbaum. This is one of the best examination of conscience that I have seen in distinguishing mortal from venial sins and it is very helpful. :thumbsup:
God bless! :slight_smile:


You really need to talk to your priest about these issues. Having faith doesn’t mean living in a constant state of confusion regarding sin, possible sin, maybe sin, maybe not sin, maybe just rude, maybe just whatever.
Seek out someone to direct you. As a new Catholic, you have too many worrisome posts like this.


I might ask, did I sin or not?

I get a lot of telephone calls all day from anywhere and everywhere. I got some from a scam artist; I get some from others who are telemarketing, etc.

Sometimes I like to pull their chain. When they call, I have a special routine I like to use, kind of smart-mouth and telling them anything that pops into my mind. I just love doing that. The scam artist was told never to call me again. I also act dumb, like what are you talking about? I have resorted to blowing a whistle into the phone when they get too pesky.

I don’t think sinning is the point. Some people just have to express themselves, and it may not even be personal.Being too nice only gets me into trouble, and most of the time it’s someone on the phone I don’t even know.


You weren’t using the term to offend or denigrate anyone, so “full intent” is out of the picture. Relax and get yourself another lip balm. :smiley:


Doesn’t matter. No Christian should use those derogatory terms.
They are offensive. They are constructed to be offensive.


Have a snickers


Have another Snickers and stop focusing on sin. Focus on Love. That is what Jesus wants you to do. So,you picked up on some bad vocabulary. Delete it from your dictionary and carry on. Whatever am I gonna do with you? It would be a venial sin at best as it is slang and you didn’t rally mean it. Please, am I gonna have to come up there and slap you alongside the head with the Ten Commandments?? And the “Greatest Commandment is Love.” :smiley:


Occ. I get one of “those” calls even though I am on an “No Call list” I know who they are as they hide their numbers from the caller ID. I just pick up the phone and say, “Such and Such Police Dept. How may I help you(or direct your call)” They hang up. However I am afraid that someday I might get a caller from someone who says they just shot their spouse.:eek: Maybe not.


I like you LethalMouse.

We could get along!

(I like popcorn too).



I like people who like me, so now I like you too :slight_smile:

(Popcirn is good)


Hey Truegrit -
You gave me a good laugh.

Maybe you and LethalMouse and I could start a Love Club??
(the Agape kind!! LOL)



I do seem a minority in this CAF circle, but I find a few who are in my zone. I just wonder if you two would have the constitution to hang with me all the way lol. I am a bit crazy o.O


Thanks for the replies! I will mention this sin to Father when I go to confession. :slight_smile:


I’m in the zone.
I have the constitution.
God is Love!
1 John 4:8

We should learn to trust Him more…

Where are those Snickers??



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