Did I sin per omission?

I was watching TV with someone that I know wich gloat women
So apeared a woman in TV with garments a little immodest and I could changed the channel didn’t do it.
So did I sin per omission?

It’s not a sin to see women in immodest clothing. There is sin in lust. So if you looked at her with lust, then yes you did sin. If she just happened to be on the screen and you didn’t think much of it other than like “Oh, that’s not very modest clothing”, then no, you did not sin.

Actually I think this person is saying that at least they were watching with someone who is inclined to lust.

Also, I think there can be an objective wrong in choosing to watch shows with women dressed immodestly, regardless of whether the images gave rise to lust at that time. In choosing to watch it, and taking no action, we are approving of the use of women in that way.

In this day and age we are all, men and women, very desensitized to this sort of thing! We are affected by what we choose to watch, whether we think about it or not.

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