did i sin?

i was watching an innocent video on youtube and there was a very attractive girl in it
i did not stop the video because i thought i could maybe just resist but i found myself just looking at her and even searching the comments for what people said about her
i did not fantasize about her (i dont think) but im worried i committed a mortal sin
i really wish i didn’t watch the video :frowning:

Of course not! You can appreciate beauty without sinning. If you indulged in lustful thoughts, or fantasies etc., that would be sinful. If the video was not innocent, that would be sinful. But watching a beautiful woman because she is beautiful is not sinful.

lustful thoughts and fantasies would be like undressing her etc?
i focused on her face because i thought that’s where i would be least tempted to imagine anything
since i am in a relationship doesn’t it count as coveting my neighbors wife?

Did you covet her? If so then it counts. If not well then it doesn’t count…It’s really as simple as that.

Lustful thoughts and fantasies, yes would be like undressing her etc. or watching her for the express intention of sexual pleasure…(a form of fantasy).


I can’t see inside your head, so it’s impossible to say. It may have been a sin, but I doubt it. I know that feeling that (I think) you’re talking about – you’re compelled by something powerful in your gut to just stare at this beautiful woman, and to see what others had to say about her. That initial feeling has, in the past, proved to be an occasion of sin for me. The appreciation of her beauty turns quickly to seeing nothing of her but her beauty (objectification), then to lust, then to worse things. But that initial feeling? It’s a passion, alright, and passions are dangerous… but they’re not themselves evil and can equally lead to great good.

In any case, your description makes clear that you did not commit a mortal sin, if there was any sin at all.

Hope that helps. Good luck with the struggle!

Everybody’s beautiful, in their own way. Sorry that was a corny song long ago, but the words are so true. Humanity was created in the image and likeness of God. Wow! And I know- HE’s beautiful! But, guard your eyes if that type of viewing has a potential to lead to a deadly sin for you. It may not have that effect on everyone. Our temptations are as unique as they are hand-picked - just for us - by the evil one. And, I think this is correct, someone please correct me if I am in error… but isn’t Covetousness like huge… over the top… JEALOUSY, LUST, ENVY. I don’t want others to have___, and I’d do ANYTHING to have ___ for myself. Anything that leads you in that direction, you can choose to avoid, like when Father asks us to avoid the Proximity of Sin. But be very careful of scrupulosity too. Best bet… Bring it to Jesus. Ask HIm to search your heart, and ask Him what He thinks. Peace.

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