Did i sin?

So I was playing soccer in my backyard and accidentaily kicked over the ball. I then jumped over the fence to get the ball next door. By the way no one lives there at the moment. Did i sin? Thank You. God Bless.

Steven, you have posted NUMEROUS threads of every day, normal things asking if they are sins. This indicates you may have a scrupulosity issue. Therefore, you need to seek the help of your pastors, not the internet.

PLEASE go talk to your pastor and explain that you may be suffering from scruples and need help distinguishing between things that are sins and things that are not.

You cannot keep coming here and asking if everything you do is a sin.

Does not sound like a sin to me.


No sin.

I agree with the above respondent to look into the possibility of scrupulosity. My daughter suffered from this. I would talk to a priest about the possibility of your having this condition.

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