Did I sin?


I was reading someone’s social media and they used God’s name in vain (“oh my g”) and I kept reading their page did I sin?


I don’t think so, but why not gently explain to them that to you God is holy?

Remember we are not to judge others. I’m sure they don’t realise they are causing any offence as they’re speaking what to them is a contemporary expression.

I notice it every time too!

Pax et Bonum+




I very much doubt that this is a sin - after all, you have not used God’s name in vain.


When you see or hear God’s name being taken in vain, you can think or say a short sentence like “Blessed be the name of God!” as an act of reparation. When she hears “OMG”, a friend likes to say, “Oh, are you praying? I didn’t know you were religious!” :wink:

You almost can’t avoid “OMG” on social media. Its very common, and it isn’t your fault. Usually people say “OMG” carelessly, with no intent to offend; it would be different if someone was deliberately trying to insult or blaspheme God or something holy. THEN, if it was apparent that they were trying to be offensive, it could potentially be sinful to keep following them/reading their page (without good reason).


Well, there is such thing as a venial sin, and in this case honestly I don’t think there is any sin at all. To begin with, God is not God’s name :o Second, the expression is so common in the secular world that it means simply surprise, such as “wow”. I prefer someone to use this that some other, far more common expressions for surprise.


Not a sin at all.


I don't think saying omg is a violation of the 2nd commandment; however, saying "JESUS CHRIST" or just "JESUS" as if it is a curse word is a violation of the 2nd commandment. God will not let these people go unpunished.


I'd say no sin.


How about movies such as Saving Private Ryan


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