Did I sin?

Is it a sin to purposely read something that uses God’s name in vain?

I doubt it. I have to do that all the time for English class. :shrug:

I’ve been wrong before, though.

if you have to ask probably not

I would say no. Just avoid it in the future if you can :slight_smile:

No, I don’t think so. It was the author that wrote it down, not you. You just read what the author wrote. Same thing if you listen to someone cursing. You did not sin by listening to the person curse. ( I can be wrong though) :smiley:

In all probabilaty no. If it bothers you, skip over it. :shrug::gopray:

This is a matter of prudential judgement.

If you deliberately seek out material that is specifically blasphemous, then you are at least putting yourself in the near occasion of sin.

If it is material that happens to contain bothersome language but that language is not specifically the point of the material, then I’d say that it’s down to your taste on whether to read it or not.

As ever one thing can morph into another at some point: this is where you use your judgement, but it doesn’t seem to me like it’s always automatically sinful.

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