Did I sin?

While on twitter today, a person posted a picture of a woman naked from behind. Shocked, I went to the URL in order to report it. I covered my eyes while copying it and my hand impulsively moved down when I thought if her breast were visible. I immediately covered them when I think I saw them. Did I sin?

Perhaps. There are a lot of variables here. If I go to an art exhibit and appreciate a nude painting or sculpture have I sinned? Most people would say not. In fact, viewing a pornographic picture is not always a sin as long is one is not looking lustfully at it (researching sex/porn addictions comes to mind). I would argue that you did not need to cover your eyes, unless you have an undue desire for sins of the flesh. Whether nude or clothed it is important to see that person as fully human and not a sexual object. If lust made you look, I would posit that it was a venial sin. If it was simple curiosity, I think its a grey area. If you have a regular confessor I would confess the action and the situation to him and ask for his guidance.

This is the great thing about confession. It’s free and encouraged! There’s no reason to not go even if you’re not sure you’ve sinned! In fact, I love going to confession! Sometimes I go in just for a “check up”. You know, nothing’s really wrong but I just wanna make sure I’m good to go!

In my mind, no, you did not. But if it help confess it.

And what would I have a done? Absolutely nothing. This is what I mean, and have done my best to explain before: you can go too far. A naked woman from behind? It is a naked woman from behind. And if you would have seen her breasts so what, can’t be the first time I reckon. Really, we see things that is not PC, but that is life. We can not live in some sort of bubble with no access to the “real world”. It is, once more, all about faith. If you did feel something you thought you could not handle work on your faith. If you did not feel anything that made your mind roaming toward sin you are good. A naked woman from behind is not porn. If we deliberately seek porn we do sin, yes, but that was not even close to a sin.

I understand it can be hard to live sometimes, doing a effort to not sin, and that is life also. To fight a temptaion can be overwhelming and then we need to confess. But to go too far is to stop living, we do live in a world with much we could be whitout, hence, next time you stumble upon a picture of a naked woman think about it as art. I mean, have you ever been in a museum with sculptures? How many have been naked? Most of them. What did you? What we all who love real art, thought it is a beutiful statue made by a very skilful artist. It is not hard to recognize art from porn, and the latter is indeed a mortal sin. And erotic art is also a sin. But now we talk about a picture you saw on Twitter, I hardly think it was even meant to be a temptation, maybe just a good joke going bad.

Oh my goodness… If this is the worst thing you have done all week…
Then your doing well…

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