Did I Sin?

What happened was that I was watching a drama/sport movie called Sugar (2008). It’s about a man from the Dominican Republic who joins a baseball team and moves to the U.S. There was a scene in which he and his friends are in a hotel room, talking and drinking beers. Then one of them turns on the television and switches to a porn channel. It did not show any sex scenes, but you could hear some moaning from the TV. However, when the camera switched to a different angle, it showed the sex scene on the television. That’s when I quickly changed the channel and decided not to watch the movie.

Basically, I was unaware that they would show something like that in the movie. It caught me by surprised and I changed the channel. Had I known a sex scene was included, I would not have watched the movie. So, did I sin?


No you did not sin. Since there was no knowledgeable intent & you turned it off immediately; there is no sin committed.

No. You can’t accidentally sin.

I agree with everyone else. You didn’t sin.

Thank you everyone for answering my question:)

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