Did i sin?


In an online forum i came about the post of a pregnant women asking for help. Her pregnancy was unplanned, already 2 children from a failed marriage and the father of her next child had already 3 children from his failed marriage. He tried to pressure her into having an abortion for several weeks.

To get rid of his pressure, she then told him, she already had an abortion, although she was still pregnant.

Her questions was, whether she did the right thing and whether and how she should tell him.

I told her she should not worry about lying to him, as what he was doing was commiting a crime, to get her to kill their child, and hence her lying was akin to self-defense necessary to protect her child’s life. And that she should, if necessary, continue to lie till she is beyond the legal limit for abortion (she had just 2 weeks “to go”).

Did i sin by encouraging her to continue lying as necessary?

While not relevant for this question, she continued to deceive him - maybe by just not talking about it - for the next two weeks and then told him she lied and is still pregnant. According to her, he was pretty angry with her for several days but then apologized and his attitude about being father for a fourth time became positive.


This is difficult, I think it would be good just to talk to a priest about it, if not in person, on this forum.

God Bless you


Good advice.

Note: Except for CAF, I avoid “online forums.” Otherwise I would run into similar situations, giving advice, then regretting it later, then worrying about it. Too much drama!


Those people have bigger problems than lying.
If you speak to her again, you might encourage her to talk to a priest for support and advice. If they don’t want more children they might consider chastity.




Does this mean yes, no or maybe?


I do not know. It is possible you sinned, please talk this over with a priest.

May God Abundantly Bless you


I doubt that you sinned by encouraging her to lie about the pregnancy–to protect the life of the baby; but, your advice may very well put her life in jeopardy, you never know.

she should not be asking for advice from strangers, who don’t know the whole situation, and she shouldn’t be parading her life in public – although it seems that is what a lot of people like to do, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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