Did I sin?

Today in my history class, I, in a debate, ripped on regenerative religions, using humor, and benefitted socially from it, even though I proved the wrong points as it was whether they had an impact, and that group won. I received a threat from it, which made me realize that I might have gone too far. Have I sinned?

Another student threatened you? Did you tell your teacher?

If you wish to know of your sin or lack thereof please speak to a spiritual advisory or confessor. Not strangers on the internet.

Let me ask you a question, If 10 people say yes to you and 20 people say no, did you sin?

Sounds like standard debate tactics, which is impressive considering how poorly you have explained yourself. Debate is the art of the argument, you presented to win, I’ve coached debate, its not sinful, though I find it unfullfilling…

The kid doesn’t mean anything by his threats.

Thank you for this. I’ll ask in the confessional next time I go.

Remember the virtue of humility

I don’t know if you committed the sin of pride. What I would say is that your humility was imperfect.

Maybe not an offense against God, depending on the joke, but an imperfection.

I think your sensitive conscience is a grace from God. Keep pursuing holiness. Don’t worry. God loves you.

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