Did I violate the seal of Confession?

I am aware that for a Confessor to break the Seal of Confession bears with it the penalty of latae sententiae excommunication. I am also aware that in circumstances in which a lay interpreter is needed for Confession, that lay person is also bound by the Seal of Confession, an the penalty for breaking the Seal could include excommunication for that lay person.

Here is my question:

I was waiting for Confession and I knew that someone was in the Confessional with the priest, though the priest had forgotten to turn the red light on to indicate that the Confessional was occupied by a penitent. An elderly lady came into the Church. I told her that someone is in the Confessional with the priest (slight paraphrase). She indicated that she was going to say a few short prayers. Not long after that, she walked toward the door, seemingly to leave the Church, and blessed herself with Holy Water and I figured she was leaving. When I looked back, however, she was headed straight for the Confessional. There would have been time for me to run over there or yell something, but I did nothing, and she walked into the Confessional. Of course, she left shortly after that when she realized what was going on. My concern is that through my inaction, I allowed the Seal of Confession to be jeopardized, and thus incurred a Latae Sententiae excommunication. When I asked the priest, he said no. I’d like to make sure…

Dear friend,

You have a tendency to scruple. In no way did either of you even come close to breaking the seal.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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