Did Islam invade the Vatican?

I really don’t know where to post this question but I’m really anxious to find the answer. Did Muslims ever invade or conquer the Vatican? Has any Islamic army every attacked the Vatican. Has any extreme terrorist from Islam ever caused harm to the Vatican?*

Rome has been invaded by various armies over the centuries, but none appear to have been Muslim. The Vatican has been physically attacked, but usually by pagans or Christians! The Visigoths and Vandals each invaded, but both attacks occurred before the start of Islam. Muslim armies took over Sicily for awhile and attacked other parts of Italy, but I don’t believe they ever invaded Rome or the Vatican.

Surprisingly and Thankfully, no, I don’t think so.

So far as I understand, the Muslems did not invade the Vatican. However, as a side note, Mohamand it is said to have sent a letter to the Pope telling him that he was to submit to Islam, which was rejected… I got that from reading some histories on Islem and Mohamand.

The Vatican would have most likely been invaded by Muslim armies if it had not been for the Crusades which put a stop to the attempted Islamic conquest of Europe.

Can you please list sources for this.

I’m aware the prophet of Islam sent many letters to leaders and such, but I’ve never read that he sent a letter to the Pope of his time.


jakaski: Sorry I don’t have a source for Mohamamd sending a letter. It was what I had read several years ago. Of course it may not have been true, but it was what I remember the author saying in the book I read. I will try to see if I can find it as I remember getting the book from the library.

Baha’u’llah sent a letter to the Pope. Is it possible that’s who you are thinking of?

Baha’u’llah, in his letter, proclaimed himself the most recent manifestation of God. The Pope of course ignored it, and supposedly for his troubles Rome was united with the rest of Italy and the Pope became the “prisoner of the Vatican” until 1922.

Baha’u’llah also sent similar letters to Queen Victoria, Napoleon III, the Shah of Iran, the Ottoman Sultan, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany, and Kaiser Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary.

Addendum: A quick Google search shows that Muslims believe that Muhammad sent a letter to the Pope. One site says the letter was received and replied to politely, nothing more. Another site says the Pope, at a mass in a cathedral, proclaimed that there was only one God and that Muhammad was a true prophet, whereupon the enraged congregation tore him to pieces.

I can’t find any record of a Pope being mauled by a mob around that time. Muslim writings claim that Emperor Heraclius was or may have been a true believer, but when the court and churchmen resisted his efforts to convert them, he backtracked and said, “I was just testing you.” So that site may have conflated (and subsequently inflated) the two stories.

Muslims pillaged the Vatican in 846 AD.


that is Pope fiction and no proof for it. It goes along the same line as Pope Joan or Jane. Mohammed couldn’t write according to their own historians. The Koran was dictated to him and then it was recited and written down later. So for Mohammed who couldn’t write to send a letter to the Pope and then the Pope capitulates in reciting the Shahala of faith is history twisting at it’s finest.

So a group of Saracens attacked Rome, raided Churches outside of the wall, were beaten back and unsuccessful in 849. so the short answer is yes, Rome was attacked, but it wasn’t successful except for stealing and never was successful again. They never overtook Rome or the Vatican and controlled either.

That’s right. Everybody knows Rome is controlled by Jesuits, Masons and Jews. :rolleyes:

He may have dictated the letter, he certainly had enough followers.

No, not during Muhammed’s time nor after his death, Muslims never attacked the Vatican.

I’m aware the prophet of Islam sent many letters to leaders and such, but I’ve never read that he sent a letter to the Pope of his time.

Yes you are correct sister in Christ, Muhammed ordered his disciples to write to the following rulers but not to the Pope, however, the first two rulers were Christian leaders at that time (maybe that was the confusion):

  • The Negus of Ethiopia.
  • Muqawqis the ruler of Egypt.
  • Heraclius the Ceasar of Byzantium.
  • Chosroes II the Khosrau of Persia.
  • Harith Gassani the governor of Syria.
  • Munzir ibn Sawa the ruler of Bahrain.
  • The Maharajah of Kashmir.
  • The ruler of Oman.
  • The ruler of Yemen.
  • The prince of Yamama.

More at this link:

it looks like they made it to Italy but they was unsuccessful at reaching the Vatican . it was called “ battle of ostia"

I saw the same post in the Islamic forum, but didn’t take it seriously because there were no legitimate links posted for further review.

I think it was 846, but yes.


What I remember about the book where the author said that a letter was sent to the Pope, it seems to me that it since Mohammed could not write he had it dictated. It was also my understanding that when the Pope received the letter, he rejected it out of hand. I wish I could find the book where I read it but so far no luck. I will keep trying. I will say that I do not know if it was true or not as it was what I remember the author stating.

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