Did Jesus build a Church?

Did Jesus build a Church?

The following video tries to answer the question:


Please let me know if this video was helpful to you, or if you have any suggestions/comments to improve the video.


In the Holy Eucharist,
Fr. Omar

The content is good, but it moves WAAAAAYYYYYYY too slowly. The slides are displayed for a long time (much longer than it takes to read them - three or four times), and the fade out/in between slides takes much too long.

For example, the title screen (with one line of text - five words long) is displayed for ten full seconds. That’s two seconds per word.

I think many people would not have the patience to watch it all the way through (I didn’t).

You bet He did! He said he would build His Church on a specific Rock!

Thanks David, for your feedback. I will consider it, although I want the video to help the person think about the question, rather than to simply have the time to read it. It is the same principle used to teach lectors to read at the ambo (“if you think you are reading too slow you are reading at the right speed”).

Granted, most videos simply want to transmit the information. That is a different goal than mine. I don’t want to simply transmit the information. You are right that the information could be transmitted with a much faster video, but I want the person to actually stop and think about the words, not simply to be a passive viewer/reader.

In the Holy Eucharist,
Fr. Omar

That’s a good point, and well taken. But there is a point where that becomes counterproductive. Obviously, showing each slide for an hour would absolutely guarantee that nobody would watch the video (and people cannot think about what they do not watch).

Ten seconds for the opening slide (consisting of five words) is clearly too long, and leaves the first impression that this will be a VERY slow presentation. You could not find a modern network TV program which has a static title-card with a duration of more than 1.5 seconds. The title-card for the TV series “Monk” (a one-word screen) has a duration of 3/4 of a second - which is rather long for a one-word static title. Even by “Monk” standards, your title-card should not be more than 3.75 seconds (I would mix it at three seconds, but not argue too much with four - but ten is right out).

I believe the long duration of most slides would make most people impatient and likely to move on to other material. I quit watching after I saw the returns of your Bible search (which I read three or four times), and (feeling impatient) I had cut over to answer an e-mail, and then returned to the video to find that only another bubble (regarding Peter) had been added to Matt 16:18. I had time to read and answer an e-mail, and, in the meantime, only a small bubble had been added to the video.

But I would *seriously *shorten the fades. Fades add *nothing *to the message - it is only a transition. They should be one or two seconds, tops (when I do video mixing, I never exceed 3/4 second for fades and wipes, and usually it’s well under a half-second - just enough to visually establish that a completely new scene is being introduced. I only use a longer transition if there is some comedic effect where longer timing is appropriate).

FWIW, I really liked how you used Google from the beginning, instead of going straight to the Biblical search site. The fact that you used the top-ranked site establishes credibility and removes the possibility of site bias (and “stacking the deck”) on your part.

I started to watch it…but it was taking too long.


I know you want people to think…but nearly 110% of people on a computer are not in a contemplative mood…they are trying to do 5 things at once…like me.

I did enjoy it Father, but I have to agree with Davd, It is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too slow. One thing you might do is make the fadeout/transitions faster, that way you can leave the on-screen times about the same but move a little more quickly through the presentation at a more normal pace. Some of the screens, especially those with a lot of material probable need to stay on longer, but those that have only a few words can move along more quickly. It is great material and I did enjoy it, though I was not able to go through all of it.

Christ is Risen!

The transitions and fades are too long, the time spent on many slides is too long. For example, the “If He did” slide at the beginning. That should be there for a split second since the viewer will quickly want to see the next “then” slide. The human thought process is quite fast, as has been explained by others here, and we can hear, read and absorb a lot of information quickly. If I were using this video I would want to run it at 2x or even 4x regular speed.

It needs a lot of editing.

Not to be rude but the OP asked a question regarding if Jesus build a Church? And I logged in to read some answers and none of them are anwering the OP’s actual question.He made a video for more information of what he thinks and you guys are all missing the point and actually critizing it. :frowning:

I am curious to hear some ansers to the OP’s question. :thumbsup:

The video gives the quintessential answer.

Certainly he inaugurated the Banquet of God on the Thursday night he was betrayed, and he established among the Twelve certain of the Sacraments, such as Penance. But the Church as we know it was not born until Pentecost Day, with the coming of the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son.

The OP asked TWO questions, about the content of the video itself and about the quality of it. Both questions were answered by various posters, and some focused on the second question since the slowness of the video affected their viewing of it, and therefore viewers might not get the benefit of it since they wouldn’t sit through the whole thing. It appears to most of the respondents the OP was not asking us to respond to the question “Did Jesus Build a Church?” but whether the video helped answer that question, in other words, to critique the video. The responses certainly addressed what the OP WAS asking.

I watched the whole thing again, and it definitely moves way too slowly. But that can be fixed. Either shorten the transitions and times for each slide or add more content.

That was the title of the OPs post, and also the title of the video that the OP asked us to critique. I don’t think the OP was actually asking this question such that it be discussed, but instead was asking us to critique his eponymous video which addressed this question. The (unanimous) consensus so far is that it seems to be a good video, but moves too slowly (nobody has claimed to have watched it completely - I did not).

Well then I apologize for not reading the OP’s actual questions and going with what the title of the Thread was. :rolleyes:

Well good bless and good night :signofcross:

Thank you for your comments, especially on the timing of the video, I will take that into account in the future. From what I understood the general rule of thumb is 0.75 seconds per word.

Appreciate your help!

In the Holy Eucharist,
Fr. Omar

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