Did Jesus ever sing? And how did he sound?

Did Jesus ever sing? How did he sound? Was he a tenor or basso profondo? Did he sing at the Agony in the garden? Did he sing in the choir at the synagog or temple? Did he sing the psalms?
What do you think? How do you meditate on this?

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At the very least he would have sung the psalms when appropriate, such as during a Passover seder and at the Last Supper. I am not familiar with Jewish worship in particular, but if they sung during worship as a congregation in the first century, he would have there, too. And I don’t see why he wouldn’t have sung elsewhere.

But outside of knowing he would have sung at the appropriate times as a faithful Jewish man we really don’t have anything else to go on.

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Sure he did…at the Last Supper…see Matthew 26:20-35 and Mark 14:26-31…I’m sure it was a “joyful noise”.

I like to this he sounded like the male voice in this video (starts at about 1:22 - but watch the whole thing, it’s great):

We don’t really have any proof that Jesus sung outside of Jewish worship (as has already been said). We don’t know what he sounded like.


I shall send you a recording; “Jesus y los Caballeros” is a great Latino folk band

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We don’t know what Jesus sounded like just as we don’t know what he looked like.

You’d have to use your imagination for that, we can’t know. Like the others said I am sure he sang as part of devotional practice…perhaps if he enjoyed it he may have sung with friends, if this was the done thing. I am not knowledgeable on such things, but it seems possible as one often hums along with hymns from church on the way home or when taken with the moment, I’d imagine it likely he would in praise, but not it weren’t fitting for a Jewish male to do. I personally would doubt he did so in the garden of Olives whilst suffering such anguish but stranger things have happened, as I say we can’t know. There is no mention of singing and it is not often mentioned that humans in dire anguish sing (except of course in theatre ) , however, it could be so, we are not talking of an ordinary situation here, nor an ordinary human. There are plenty of mediations on this subject if you wish to view them, I recommend those of St Gemma Galgani. I can provide a link if you like, though there is nothing about singing.

Yes he sang the psalms at the last supper.

I bet he had a very beautiful voice.


Jesus sounded like God singing :innocent:

He sang better than an Angel :innocent:


I wasnt moved at all by this video.
This version is more close to my heart: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PyWBaIEkZ7w

I see where you’re going with thid. Yes, Jesus could have sung in Aramaic. I guess I would feel lost when attending a temple service with Jesus…but I could probably learn more about it.
I would even feel lost at the Crucifiction as it would be a bit different from the Mass I attend.

Like this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-GdUBhJZc2k

Could you please explain this.

If I get to Heaven, I’ll ask him.


Not really. It is just a turn of phrase. Possibly not something you have heard before? Like saying ‘these things happen or its possible or it could happen’ it is a phrase people say. I cant really
explain it any more than that, sorry. It may help you to know that I am not American.

If there were parts of the Jewish prayers to be sing I’m sure He sang them. He probably had a nice voice.

I always imagine he sounded like Ian Gillan on the Jesus Christmas Superstar album.


He would have sung the Jewish Liturgy. In the account of the Last Supper it says that they sung “the hymn” before departing.
I imagine the sacred singing Our Lord participated in was not dissimilar to Syriac Christian chant (as posted by Agatha above).

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