Did Jesus ever spill the milk?

First of all, I wasn’t entirely sure where to put this. I figured I’d like to hear answers from varying faiths, so this was a good place.

We know that Jesus was God made man, or however you might want to word it, and that he never sinned because he was God. But what about mistakes? Did the human “aspect”(for lack of a better word) of him ever have an arm spasm and knock over a glass of milk or did he ever trip on a rock, fall, and scrape his knee?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. And myself being Catholic, would love to know if there’s any official Church teaching on it.

He was born a man, in a human body, right? Why wouldn’t his human body fail him?

I have to confess, I thought you were asking something much more…what? controversial?
You were asking if he LITERALLY spilled the milk…

haha. Yeah…I don’t really consider it very controversial either. But I have noticed that what I don’t consider controversial or a big deal is a huge deal to other people. Someone did once write an entire book about whether or not Adam and Eve had belly buttons.

In dealing with Jesus, people make two huge mistakes. 1) they deny His Deity. 2) they deny His humanity.

Could Jesus speak English? Of course He could, He was the son of God! Could He speak English at age 2? Could He do quantum physics as well? Was He ever hungry? Of course He got hungry, no, He couldn’t speak English, nor do quantum physics.

He was both man and God. Crucial to remember both.

Sure, he probably bumped his knee and scraped his feet. He was both man and God.

I would imagine so, I mean, look at his suffering before being crucified - he fell multiple times. I think he would trip, and spill stuff in his day-to-day life too, so long as it isn’t sinful.


He may well have spilled something or scraped a knee, but I’ll bet He could clean it up or heal it quite quickly! :slight_smile:

Rascal, I’m a bit confused. :confused: At one point you seem to say ‘Of course He could speak English’, and later, ‘no, He couldn’t speak English’. ???

As to physics, well, Newtonian and/or quantum, trying to explain the laws of thermodynamics in 1st century Jerusalem may have been a waste of time as He had a much more important message to deliver! Maybe He just didn’t, not that He couldn’t. :shrug:

Jesus did go through human development, and while His development excluded the kinds of “learning experiences” (read, sinful mistakes) that characterize everyone else’s development, I think it’s safe to conclude (as alluded to earlier in the thread) that He never learned certain things like quantum physics, He never used His body for sin but was not protected from all error or blemish, and in His youth, He probably did go through a learning phase in the course of gaining certain mental skills/tasks.

He didn’t exactly go through formal education or take standardized tests that compared Him to everyone else His age, but I’d imagine that if He’d taken a battery of IQ tests and achievement tests as a youngster, He would not have demonstrated scary good supercomputer-level reasoning skills on the IQ test and He would not have demonstrated perfect recall on His achievement tests. In all probability, the test-worthy aspects of His religious education had to do with memorizing large portions of the Tanakh, and I suspect that He applied Himself to it very well, but He probably didn’t have a photographic memory and perfect recall. There probably were times in the course of memorizing things that He would attempt to recall something and not do it perfectly on the first try.

He probably didn’t have perfect pitch (most people don’t even have relative pitch), so as a human (albeit consubstantial with His Father), I’d imagine that He didn’t have world-class singing ability. If He did sing at all (and I think He did at least a little of it), I’m sure He tried to hit all the right notes, but I don’t think He was able to hit all of them on a given day. I’m also pretty sure He did well for Himself as a carpenter, but if you can imagine that some of His work had survived…first, if genuine (and even if not genuine), it would at least go for a very high price and at most be receiving anything from veneration to straight up latria in a cathedral somewhere. But I wouldn’t expect His work to be any better than high-quality, and I don’t think He enjoyed protection from any and all design flaws. He was actually doing the human work of carpentry- He wasn’t assembling wood miraculously.

As a baby, while nursing, He may have been a little bit of a biter for all we know. It’s possible. And as an adult, we know He didn’t put milk in a glass, but when He consumed, cooked, or prepared this or any other food substance, I don’t think He was protected from spills or physical miscues. As a kid, He may have unintentionally spilt His beverage, and as an adult, there may have been times when the food He prepared was slightly crispy.

With much of this, we’re limited to supposition and semi-informed imagination. I think it’s fun to do, though, and something we probably should do every once in awhile. Religious art consistently depicts Jesus in certain ways that, at times, preclude or eliminate certain aspects of His humanity. Except in death, He’s always got a complexion and physique that’s perfect in every way. Even in death, an artist like Carravagio would get himself in trouble if Jesus’ body looked anything less than powerful and trumphant as He was en route from the cross to the tomb. Each painting tends to be something of an imaginary snapshot that captures what we want to capture (and, to a certain extent, create and mythologize) about Jesus. I think these questions are good because they help us examine the aspects of His life that are usually ignored or missed entirely. I doubt that anyone’s ever done a painting called “Jesus spills milk and supper is slightly burned,” “Adolescent Jesus has acne and feels awkward at times,” or “Baby Jesus bites down.” All of these things are anywhere from possible to probable, but it’s impossible to portray them in sacred art. It would be really hard to (literally) paint these kinds of pictures without offending people. That doesn’t mean these things didn’t or couldn’t have happened, though, and I think it’s good to talk about it every once in awhile.

I was trying to explain how some people think Jesus could speak every language at the time of his birth. My answer to them was, “No, He couldn’t speak English. No, He couldn’t do advanced algebra by the time he was 2 weeks old. He wasn’t God wearing a mask.”:


I do recall reading someplace that Jesus was perfect and Mary was sinless; so guess who got the blame when a dish got broken. :smiley:

Hey Rascal! No need to be sorry. That was just a poor attempt on my part to add a little humor. :o

Joseph? :shrug:

Anyway, back to the OP, I think He may have, but also may have been able to “fix the problem”. These are fun situations on which to ponder! :thumbsup:

“Although he existed in the form of God…he did not equate equality with God a thing to be clung to…so he emptied himself…and became a servant…” I suspect servants spilled milk, got math problems wrong, couldn’t speak English or too many other languages I would think…“born of a woman, born under the law…” He was human through and through.

There is the story of the fig tree, in which Jesus is hungry, also when Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert, and probably others that haven’t occurred to me.

Right, but there is clearly alot about our Lord and Savior that we don’t know about. I’m sure He was hungry at times! :wink:

When He was 12 he amazed the teachers in the Temple with His intelligence and His answers. And when He returned to Nazareth with His parents He also grew in wisdom and and grace before God and men.

So it would seem He was a pretty remarkable young teen, and I would be He didn’t spill a whole lot of milk.

Luke 2:52
And Jesus **grew in wisdom **and stature, and in favor with God and man.

Thought of the day:

Picture young Jesus of Nazareth visiting Jerusalem(65 miles away) with his family:
Seeing the Roman Crucifixes with the dredges of society being put to death.
Whether Jesus was 5 or 15 years old: imagine what went through his thoughts when he KNEW that was his future??

Jesus fell while carrying the cross. I don’t think it’s far fetched that considering He is human, and God, that in His humanity he probably did fall down a time or two earlier in life and may have spilt milk or bit the inside of his cheek.

And we sit in amazement that he taught others in the temple at 12. Can you imagine the depth of understanding in seeing that and KNOWING it was your fate??? The amount of character involved in being able to comprehend it and have it propel you forward?? Absolutely amazing…

But then again…He is God. So that probably helped :smiley:

In regards to did He make mistakes or have accidents? I’m sure He did! While also being God, He was human! I’m sure He wobbled when He learned to walk and drooled and gave Mary that goofy look while still in His crib. I’m sure Mary and Joseph kissed many boo boos.

Being an adolescent is synonymous with awkward. I’m sure at some point - likely when He was preaching in the temple, He was a gangly, awkward youth…much like we all were.

The icon of Mother of Perpetual Help shows Jesus being comforted by Mary. Note the archangels Michael and Gabriel have been showing Him the instruments of crucifixion. One of His sandals has fallen off as He has run to Mary in His fear.

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