Did Jesus give Judas Communion–And, if so, WHY? (And more!) [Akin]

jimmyakin.com/wp-content/uploads/CatholicAnswersLogo-300x180.pngIn this episode of Catholic Answers Live (9/16/14), Jimmy answers the following questions:

*]How to describe the relationship between faith and reason?
*]Did the priest used to break the host during the words of institution?
*]How do Protestants defend divorce and remarriage in light of what Scripture says?
*]Can priests “reach down into hell” and save souls? Can we pray for the damned?
*]Was Judas in mortal sin? Did Jesus offer Communion to Judas? If so, why did he do so when the Church today doesn’t offer Communion to those in mortal sin?
*]A Lutheran caller asks why he couldn’t receive Communion from an extraordinary minister when he was in the hospital?
*]Who is going to be resurrected—and why?
*]What is the Church’s teaching on predestination? What is Jimmy’s personal opinion?
*]What translations are approved by the Catholic Church? What makes them approved? Can I read translations that aren’t approved?
*]If the gates of heaven were closed before Jesus’ death and Resurrection, where did Moses and Elijah go?
*]What happens to those who never knew about Christ and who were never baptized?


Looking forward to hearing this on podcast.

God bless you, and thank you for all your wonderful work.

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