Did Jesus help people at the wedding of Cana get drunk?


I mean, they ran out of wine and Jesus made more and we know that the wine of the past was more intoxicating than wine today, so was the wedding at Cana pretty boozy?


It was a bigger than expected gathering, what with Jesus and his disciples showing up. Men who did strenuous work like fishing, where they built up big thirsts.


Not necessarily- Jewish weddings back then were all-week affairs, with a lot of people

@meltzerboy2, how much do you know about ancient Jewish custom? Could you shed some light?


I think that is like asking if God made people eat saying there was a tree of knowledge. The answer of course being no.


The people drank wine because other drinks were not readily available and wine lends itself to celebrations or meals. Wine will kill bacteria. Water is scarce in parts of the middle east. While water is storable it does get flat after a while. I often think of Jesus and the woman at the well and the meaning of that scripture. If Jesus mixed wine with water then that means they were about to run out and extended it with water which made it weaker. Did they get a buzz on or boozy? Who cares? It was a Jewish wedding! You think someone got a ticket for driving their camel home under the influence? Sigh…LOL!


He made what, ninety gallons of the good stuff? Yeah, there were a few lit people there, and I bet he had a few himself. Nothing wrong with it on occasion if you can do it. I can’t.


I am sure that Jesus had moderation in mind when performing the miracle. Also back then wine was not as strong as nowadays, as it was usually mixed with water.


Ummmmm…man…where to start…

Wine was not “more intoxicating”…such nonsense…wine is sugar yeast and grapes all squished up, or pressed…same as it is today.

The big difference is that back then you did not have a spiffy water tap…And the Roman aqueducts had not made there way to Galilee yet so water had to be purified by some means as the sewage system (i.e. streets) was pretty unkempt and a Well was all ya had to draw clean water from …They did so taking semi fresh water and fermenting and adding water…ergo making “wine”…it was not a Port of Fortified Spanish Brandy…

It was like some of the cleanest, freshest best grape juice wine they had ever tasted…not the stuff cousin Eprham and the gang made down by the tannery and bootlegged at Harods temple orgy.

And do you really want to accuse Christ our Lord of getting people drunk and leading them into sin?

But please, do go on…


I think the amazing part was the host went to Mary. They must have suspected Jesus had some power and they were afraid to approach Him. Mary is the mother of the king, and it was said if King Saul’s mother ask the King for anything it would be granted. Of course Jesus tries to brush her off but she said to the servants to do whatever He ask. That is what she tells us, also!


You notice that the wine did not run out until the Apostles got there…

  • Mother Angelica (pray for us!)


How do you know that?


People back then drank wine all the time because it was safer than plain water. That had to have given them some tolerance to alcohol.


My city water is bad. Hmmm, one more reason to drink beer!


Happy fact…Belgian Ale was accidentally discovered by Monks preparing a grog for their fasting that was open fermented by vagrant bees…


Another reason why fasting is good for humanity.


The miracle seems like an event that has a richer meaning than just to bail out a friend’s wedding, or to kick off His ministry. Providing wine for that many people through a miraculous sharing reminds me of the feeding five thousand through miraculous sharing of bread. The feeding five thousand also seems to have a deeper meaning than just satisfying a crowd’s hunger.


Surely you’re not suggesting there are drunk people in the Holy Bible. :sunglasses:


Well we don’t know the alcohol content of all wines of the past but we know they were much weaker then today


I heard wines back then were actually stronger. Maybe I was wrong. And guys calm down I wasn’t accusing Jesus of sinning I’m just asking a question


Wine is a symbol for life in the old covenant. The bride and bride groom ( ran out of wine (Life) to begin a new covenant marriage. Mary intercedes for Israel the bride and Jesus the new bride groom, the wedding feast (covenant) has no more life for the new bride and bride groom.

Jesus digniifies Mary with the title “Woman” Mother of all the living, new Eve.“My hour is not come” to give them new life in my true wine the new and everlasting life of His blood. By the blessed Mother’s intercession, “Do what ever He tells you”. Jesus has the ceremonial jars filled with water, where one washed before entering the wedding feast. Performed His first miracle by changing water into wine as a sign of what is to come, when Jesus the new bride groom weds His new bride the Church, and pours His new wine life into new wine skins baptized Christians.

No, Jesus did not help the wedding party get drunk; Jesus promised the wedding party new life followed by a sign.

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