Did Jesus live by the greatest commandments?


How did Jesus love all his neighbours as he loved himself? Including those who condemned him to death and nailed him to the cross.


“Father forgive them for the know not what they do.”


You took the words right out of my mouth.




Jesus surrounded himself with sinners (tax collectors, etc.) and He never turned anyone away.

He loves us so much that he died for the sins of the world, according to His Father’s will. I think that more than fulfills “loving thy neighbor as thy self.”

He also loved his Father and acted according to the will of his Father.




Definitely goes to show that “whoever seeks shall find”. :thumbsup: This shows how necessary and beautiful repentance is. It’s beautiful to see that whoever seeks His forgiveness will get that and more. The graces one gets out of that confessional is as one going back to Jerusalem having Christ Himself heal our sicknesses and faults.

Sad that such a beautiful verse is misunderstood as “making friends with everyone and being nice”. Jesus did more than that, so much that the Pharisees were jealous! :dts:

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Supposing the soldiers who nailed our Lord to the cross; were unrepentant; does this prayer to forgive, also include the unrepentant?


Yes. We feel great sorrow for the unrepentant, as Our Lord does. Still, that doesn’t mean we don’t/can’t forgive such persons. Their unrepentance harms them more than it harms anyone else, poor souls. Christ came to save sinners not the righteous, as he himself stated. For the righteous need no savior, but sinner do. Since we are all sinners, that means you and me, as well.


I pray He has forgiven me as it was my sin that put Him there.


The prayer includes all people, at all times. God offers his grace to everyone, even those who do not repent. Repenting = accepting that grace. Just because he prayed for us doesn’t mean we accept/accepted/will accept it. But he prayed for all.


By redeeming them with his suffering and death? Imagine suffering and dying for your wicked neighbors so that they can have a chance at heaven.


And my sins too,


This seems beyond our human understanding,but it does seem we are called to forgive in such an extreme way also.


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