Did Jesus misunderstand illness?

In the gospels, Jesus performs various exorcisms including one on someone who is “demon possessed”. He casts out the demons from the man into a herd of pigs, and sends the pigs over a cliff.

As I understand it, Jesus seemed to believe that people suffered illness (mental and physical) because they were possessed by devils or demons. He acted as an exorcist to expel these demons from the victim and thereby cure them.

Do you think Jesus was mistaken in these beliefs? Did he misunderstand the reasons for illness?

Your understanding of illness is below that of God’s understanding.

Of course not. All illnesses are the result of Sin.
Medical or psychological ways of treating conditions today only treat the conditions
according to the current natural laws, which means under the presence of Death
and Sin which is the state of all the Earth today. Thus, a psychologist may treat
a mental illness, or a doctor may treat a disease, within the limits of natural law,
but Jesus was above natural law. Being that Sin is the root cause of all corruption
and death, Jesus cast out the devils which were causing pain and suffering.
See, the root cause of all pain and suffering is Original Sin.

Natural law is distinguishing between what is right and wrong based on reason.

But isnt “casting out devils” a 1st century misconception?

We now know people suffer diseases due to the infection of viruses, and that mentally illness is a treatable disorder, and not due to devils.

So Jesus / God sends devils from one human being into a herd of pigs and drowns them. Does this make any sense to you?

Are you sure about that? Bacterial infections and viruses may just be physical manifestations of an attack by demonic forces. Ergo, remove the demon, heal the person.

You could go the other way with this too and assume that Jesus healed them of their illnesses (some may have actually been demonically possessed) and used explanations that the people would have understood to then know that the person was healed. Could you imagine their reactions if Jesus said, “I removed the bacteria/virus causing this man’s ailments, he is not healed.” They would have replied, “What the heck is a virus?”

It may have just been that he couldn’t correct their understanding of what was going on without it going over their heads.

Actually, if you read the story, Jesus didn’t drown them, they drowned themselves. Jesus merely send the demons into the pigs. It was them, then, that went into the water and drowned.

I am sure if the gospels are inspired, the HS could have written to explain things differently, perhaps reading less like the work of somone from the 1st century.

The woman that suffered from an issue of blood was not possessed. The crippled man was not possessed. The blind man was not possessed. There is a distinction between exorcism and healing.

Pigs are intelligent animals. I think its a shame they had to sacrifice themselves.

Instead of faith healing stories, why did the inspired authors not provide something useful like cures for life threatening illness, some medical advice. :shrug:

Jesus is God, how does it make sense to you that could misunderstand anything in creation? You seem to be under the impression that demons do not exist or they do not possess people. The Church still has exorcists for a reason.
Are some of the possessions in the bible actually epilepsy or other illnesses -I suppose its possible -not sure what the Church says on that. Do you think the people of that time could understand that anymore than they could understand the law of gravity? Jesus spoke and taught among the people at their level. If he came back today there are things he would still have to speak and teach at our level because our understanding is infinitesimal compared to God’s.
The fact that one could think the Son of God could misunderstand* anything* makes me believe that person grossly misunderstands the nature of God.

But it was originally written for those in the 1st century. If you want a modernized version, you can read the terribly translated bibles out there with modern allegories.

The demons possessed the pigs, and drowned themselves.

Instead, why didn’t Jesus just destroy all bacteria and viruses and sickness? :rolleyes: God can do anything and his ways are higher than ours. He chose to act in a certain way. Your question, “Did Jesus misunderstand illness?” has nothing to do with providing “something useful like cures for life threatening illness, some medical advice.”

Healed sick people
Healed crippled people
Restored sight to blind people
Restored hearing to deaf people
Restored speech to mute people
…and cast demons out of possessed people.

No two items on that list are mutually exclusive. Christ did not misunderstand sickness.

The demons begged to be allowed to enter the pigs. Christ (for whatever reason) granted their request. The demons entered the pigs, then the pigs stampeded and were drowned.

I don’t know why Christ would grant a request made by demons; but it wasn’t Christ who drowned the pigs.

Why mention viruses? “You are healed.” What more does Christ need to say?

Its not an either or question. Both exist and are valid, still today.

He went about doing good things. He cured sick people, restored crippled limbs, gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf.
How much more clear can this be?

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