Did Jesus visit India?

My godson believes that Jesus during his teenage years up until his 20’s traveled to India and China to learn from Buddhist monks and he brought it back to Jeruselum and this is what he taught… How do I get him back on the right track? Are there books that you could recommend for him or I to read, to bring him back to the faith?


There is absolutely no evidence for what your Godson proposes. Buddhism is about a human teacher who was wise. Christianity is about God who is the source of all wisdom. The goal of the Buddhist is enlightenment. The goal of the Christian goes one step further to Union. The Buddhist has no one with whom to be united.

Buddhists don’t ask the most basic questions: Why do we exist? Why not nothing? How did existence come to be? They don’t ask these questions because they don’t have the answers.

See: oce.catholic.com/index.php?title=Buddhism

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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