Did Jett Travolta die from neglect?

Did Jett Travolta die from neglect?
I really feel bad for that kid. His parents had all that money and didnt do much for him. Except hire two Scientology nannies who knew nothing of being a nanny. ( they owned a photography studio). Its not hard to dig threw all the news and find this stuff.

Was it neglect on their part? Or is Scientology to blame?



read this…


Would you ask the same questions pertaining to the Amish?

Hi, I know you didn’t ask the question to me, but allow me to answer it. As far as I know, Scientology and the Amish have different ways of dealing with diseases.

Scientologists are against the use of drugs to deal of some diseases like postpartum depression and epilepsy, for instance. Tory Christman, a woman who was a Scientologist for 30 years, said, after leaving the cult, that she had epilepsy and that her “superiors” inside the cult didn’t allow her to use the medication prescribed to her by her doctor. When she had a seizure, no one would help her and other Scientologists used to say it was her fault that she was having seizures, as if she wasn’t following their preachings correctly. Only after she heavily insisted, they allowed her to use her medication again.

Scientologists are also agains psychiatry and they even campaign against it. So Travolta would certainly be against any kind of psychiatric treatment, especially involving prescription of drugs, for his son.

As far as I know, the Amish don’t have these kinds of restrictions involving medications, psychiatry, hospitals, etc. As far as I read, although they’re against the use of most kind of modern technology, if they need to a hospital because of a disease, for instance, they don’t refuse to do it, even knowing that hospitals deal with a number of modern instruments to heal people, be it if they were in a serious accident or if they have a heart condition, for example.

So, if John’s son was autistic and if he had a seizure when he died, I honestly believe that, if the people who were with him when he died were Scientologists, they certainly didn’t do anything appropriate to try and save Jett’s life.

I think it unwise to make such a sweeping statement without knowing the facts.

It was an accident. No one is ‘to blame.’

nothing in the findings of officials investigating the death gives any reason to suspect such a thing and even news stories that used such headlines admitted as much in the body of their text. read the full LA Times article where it says he was most definitely not neglected and not left alone, despite their libelous headline. to repeat such gossip without substantiation is as bad as publishing it in the first place IMO

These people who stated blaming the parents’ right after the kids passing ticked me off, I mean the kid was still in hospital. These know-it-all blowhards should be ashamed of themselves but they won’t.

We need to pray for the family.

I don’t know if things have changed, but when my mom worked in the hospital they had an Amish patient (who was in his 20s). He had apendicitis but his parents did not believe in using technology and/or operations to treat it, so their otherwise healthy son who could have been just fine if his appendix was removed died because of their Amish beliefs. Maybe there are different sects of Amish, but the ones in the Champaign/Urbana area obviously didn’t believe in surgery to remove an appendix to save the life of their son, at least not 20+ years ago (things may have changed). What a shame that the man my mom witnessed dying had to for such a thing that requires a easy surgery.


Unless you work with alot of different persons who have seizure disorder, it is very easy to get tunnel vision and expect every person with seizures to have the same rosy prognosis. The overwhelming percentage of person with seizure disorder either have such mild effects or respond so completely to medication that they can live their lives as if they had no seizures at all. Even in these cases, the National Institute of Neurological Disease and Stroke says

For reasons that are poorly understood, people with epilepsy have an increased risk of dying suddenly for no discernible reason. This condition, called sudden unexplained death, can occur in people without epilepsy, but epilepsy increases the risk about two-fold. Researchers are still unsure why sudden unexplained death occurs. One study suggested that use of more than two anticonvulsant drugs may be a risk factor. However, it is not clear whether the use of multiple drugs causes the sudden death, or whether people who use multiple anticonvulsants have a greater risk of death because they have more severe types of epilepsy.

Further, 10-20% of all people with severely disabling to life threatening seizure activity do not respond to medication at all.. Many of the newer drugs have such severe side effects that these are worse than the disease itself. Topamax for example drops a person’s IQ by as much as 30 Points. (If a person starts out with normal intellegence and loses 30 points, they are functionally dealing with mental retardation.) Quality of life issues come into play and sometimes the person is better off without the medications.

The Travolta/Preston family and all families dealing with seizure disorder need are prayers and understanding. Baseless speculation and criticism not only hurts those individuals already grieving the loss of a child, but it sets the efforts of the medical community and Epilepsy support groups backs many years in their efforts to teach Americans about the the struggles and needs of people with this disability.

I would. I believe it is criminal that amish children aren’t educated past 8th grade. Religion isn’t an excuse to harm children. And it is a fact that many people have died because scientology told them not to take the right pills.

all of which has nothing whatever to do with topic of this thread, the title of which I still object to, like asking “how often do you beat your wife.”

I have a question. Why is it legal to not give your kids medical treatment due to religious beliefs but not opt them out of education (unless you’re Amish or Hutterite) due to religious beliefs. There have been a number of JW’s who didn’t want to educate their children because they said it went against their religion. They weren’t allowed to do that, though.

I know a young man who was in the military. He had never had epilepsy but one night when he was on duty he had a seizure and stopped breathing. If no one else had been around (like if he were in his room alone) he would have died.

The doctors did all kinds of tests on this guy, but they couldn’t find anything to explain the seizure. He has never had another (thank God!). He was, of course, dischaged from the military.

That does happen to some people. They will have one and then never have another one.

When our son was diagnosed with epilepsy we had several people we knew come out and tell us that their children also had epilepsy. One of the kids was 16 and was on no medication for it. They had tried all the medications and none of them worked for him. So it does happen that some people with epilepsy do not take medication. I would not blame the Travolta’s for neglecting their son. We where not there and do not know all the details, nor do we know all of Jet’s medical history.

Lastly, I agree 100% with what Antigen said.

But a lot of people are put through misery because of the teachings of scientology. The things that Hubbard claimed about the mind are just false. In fact, they are very dangerous because they aren’t fact based. There are plenty of documented cases of people dieing because scientology wouldn’t allow them to take their pills.

I think his death was due to the evil atheist sodomite abortionist conspiracy.


But in all reality, why was no one watching this child?

What right do we have to even speculate that there was neglect. People die and I’m sure there are Christian parents who weren’t watching their 16 year old children every second of every day.

Thank you, I agree.

I don’t watch my 13 year old, every second of every day.

On the other hand, my 13 year old isn’t autistic. :shrug: I don’t know how you would treat a child that is autistic.

It was reported in the press, if anyone believes them, that the child had two nannies, may have been nurses, who watched him daily. I think we are all assuming things that are probably not true.

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