Did Jett Travolta die from neglect?

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to even make such a connection without proof is IMO slander and libel and has no place on a Catholic forum, since by definition it is also the sin of detraction to accuse these parents without even a shred of evidence

I’d heard Jett Travolta was a special needs kid, but I hadn’t heard he may have been autistic.

That said, if he had two nannies supervising him, I doubt he was being neglected, or at the very least, I hope they were doing their job. But when something happens to a kid that is this sudden and tragic, sometimes there’s nothing that can be done. Questioning the way this child was being cared for and casting doubts against his parents should not even be entertained, unless there was hard evidence of abuse or neglect. I may not agree with Scientologists and how they handle certain conditions, but I’m not a fan of the “medicate everything” school of medicine either (unless the person clearly needs medication and at this point, there are no pharmaceuticals to treat any form of autism, but that’s a whole other topic). I think it’s more important to pray for this child’s soul and for his grieving family. I may not like John Travolta, but no parent should lose a child so suddenly.

It is so very obvious by what people say and what John himself has said about Jett that he was loved very much.
No one can criticise the way Jett was taken care of because no one knows.
My heart goes out to them losing a child is just horrific, they must be in a great deal of pain!

interesting video…

NSFC (not safe for children)
Very graphic and sad…


Then was Joey Travolta, Jett’s uncle, lying when he said that Jett was autistic and that John and Kelly refused to accept it because of their religion and to give Jett the appropriate treatment for his condition? I mean, who better to say anything than a member of the family?

That’s just it, speaking as an autistic person, there’s really no “treatment” to cure or curb this condition, except for alternate therapies that are often considered controversial by a lot of Western medical practitioners.

Jett was 16 years old. He was using the bathroom. He had a seizure, hit his head and died. He did not have autism. He had some of the symptoms, but he had other symptoms as well. He had a very rare disease called Kawasaki. There were questions about how long he was in the bathroom before the nanny checked on him. Other than that, I can’t see that it would be anyone’s “fault” that he died. People are always eager to place blame when a situation involves a child with disabilities.

What we should be doing is praying for the family.

Is it actually a crime to not go to school past 8th grade, or is this just you wanting to tell other people how to live their lives?

“Did Jett Travolta die from neglect?”

I suspect he did. Scientology passionately opposes psychiatry and psychology, ascribing mental disturbances to the powers of aliens. I’m sure Travolta subjected his poor, autistic son to all kinds of scientology hocus-pocus, instead of proper medical care. He might even have consulted the nut-job, Tom Cruise, on the subject. Bad stuff. The kid paid for it with his life.

Or is this what his parents say so they don’t have to go against their “religion” and say he was autistic?
The reason I ask, it because I was reading about Kawasaki’s and what I saw on TV and the description on line, do not match. In fact, are not even close. Also, many if not all newcasts are saying the child was autistic. Now I know that the newscasters are all about ratings and not about news, but parents are not always the best people to diagnose a child.

I don’t claim there was neglect. But for a religion to deny that conditions like autism even exsist, that may fall into the realm.

I remember reading years ago that Jett was autistic, Epilepsy is often a condition that is related to autism!

this might sound stupid but i think God took him so he wouldn’t be tainted by Scientology…

I think God takes people at a young age because He knows that they will be weak in thefuture… as young adults… and, well, as you know, He wants everyone in Heavne with Him and will do anything to accomplish that… even suffer a terrible death on a cross…

Technically, they aren’t, as autism affects how the person processes external stimuli, and epilepsy causes the person to have seizures due to causes that aren’t fully understood. However, it isn’t unusual for an autistic person to be prone to mild or moderate seizures, with a few being prone to full on epiplepsy.

Isn’t that what I said? Epilepsy is often a condition assaciated with Autism
There is an increased and variable association between autism and epilepsy. Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder. When associated with epilepsy, it places the child and the family in a very demanding and stressful situation to cope with. In order to help these children and their families, it is important to understand the relationship between behavior patterns, cognitive processes, language development and occurrence of seizures. So far we are yet to fully understand this relationship. I have tried to present here a brief review of what we know so far, using a case example emphasizing the fact that behind the diseases there are the people.


Understanding the relationship between autism and epilepsy will help researchers develop treatment plans for individuals with both conditions.

Your words wore “related to”, but it needs to be made clear to people that not every person with autism has epilepsy and not every person with epilepsy has autism. Sadly, there are a lot of people who get the two mixed up.

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