Did Job talk to me in my sleep? Please read this


I am new to this site i am a 22year old irish catholic male and im not sure if i am in the right place to ask this question. But for the past 6months everytime i go to sleep it feels like i am being molested by an old scary woman. It would happen at least 5times a night and i be in complete fear, i even had to quit my job because of it due to lack of sleep. I have cut myself of from all my friends and family and dont leave my room.

I do not go to mass or read the bible, the last time i was at mass was when i was 11years of age. Although i have recently started praying and i wear roserybeads 24/7. I had never heard of the story of job or even heard of the name. But last night when i felt like i was being molested by something evil it suddenly stopped and a mans voice started whispering to me trying to scare me. I kept on telling him he wasnt scarying me and to go away while i was laughing, even though i was terrified. Then he told me i (should not be speaking to him like that) and that (this is heaven) i then asked what his name was and he kept sayin (job job job job) there is noway that i could of known that name or the story of job before today, i can also remember biting what seemed to be his finger.

I am a gambling addict and when i finally went into a deep sleep i had one dream the entire night where i was playing a slot machine and won 666 credits and cashed out at 636 credits. I honestly dont know what this means i am currently trying to contact a local priest but i am unsuccessfull so far so that is what took me to this site. Any information would be much appreciated.


Hi Michael,

I hope that you have been able to contact your priest. It seems that the Lord is allowing this frightening experience to shake you unto reaching out to Him. While it appears that you are being afflicted with attempts to frighten you from hell, such power is no match for God. Call on Him. Continue to wear the Rosary and pray it if you know how. Keep calling on God for help. Seek help from a priest. If you can’t find a priest in one parish, seek out a priest in another. You are in our prayers. Your protection lies in your seeking God and praying.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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