Did Joseph and Mary lie?

Judging by the number of times his name appears in the footnotes in other authors’ books, the specialist in ancestry and genealogy in Biblical times seems to have been Ernst Sellin (1867-1946). He was a professor at the Evangelical Faculty of Theology in Vienna, and was on friendly terms with Freud, among others. The title of his book which is always cited on this subject is Geschichte des israelitische-jüdischen Volkes, Teil II, published in 1932. I have no idea whether it was ever translated into English.

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Oh, I hope it was translated. It sounds exactly like what I’m looking for…though, to be honest, I’d prefer a secular or Jewish scholar. That’s just my own biases though…off to look…

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And another thing. If @billsherman sees this, he may be able to help.He’s a history professor.

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I hope he does. I’ve had no luck so far, finding an English translation!

I’m sure @billsherman will be able to recommend more recent books on the subject. I did most of my reading so long ago that the authors I read are probably all out of date by now.

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Sorry for getting to this late, but I was on a much needed vacation.

As far as I know, Ernst Sellin’s books have not been published in English, but I may easily be wrong. Most of them are probably out of copyright, so anyone could translate and publish them.

As far as recommendations, the best survey of literature on all things historical Jesus is still John Meier’s “A Marginal Jew.” His family, genealogy, and such, is dealt with in vol. 1. I keep recommending him because I think he is fairly accessible to a non-specialist. Sellin, on the other hand, is a bit more dense (and in German!).

For a more theological view be sure to check out Pope Benedict XVI’s series “Jesus of Nazareth.” Since the question in the OP is one of a theological nature, and not a historical nature (sin is a theological concept after all), this series might provide some insight. It’s also accessible to a non-specialist.

Hope this is helpful.

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Jesus was LEGALLY and ACTUALLY BELIEVED TO HAVE BEEN Joseph’s son and NOT God the Son, Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit when He overshadowed Mary. (Luke 1)

And if I’m understanding correctly, this would also make Jesus the Son of Mary, a 100% LEGAL ancestor/heir of King David, through His step-dad who was believed to be His ACTUAL dad…Joseph the carpenter, again known locally as the father of Jesus.

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Scriptures should be the Beginning and Strongest Point of Faith (in JESUS)

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