Did Joshua's conquest of Israel really happen?


Is there non biased evidence that supports it?


Wasn’t that part of God’s promise to his people he took them out of slavery and gave them lands and cities they didn’t build? Besides that the Jews still use shofars which is how the Joushua took over Jericho.


What would be considered non biased evidence?

Archaeology is a very tricky thing. Imagine if you went into your neighbor’s house while he was at work, and tried to reconstruct what he did that morning based on the evidence you find around you. Most likely you will see certain things and draw certain conclusions, but in the process you project a little bit of your own experience and lifestyle on your neighbor. You see an empty cup in the sink, and assume he had a cup of coffee in the morning, because you have a cup of coffee in the morning. Then again maybe he had a cup of tea last night and left the cup there, but that never even enters your mind because (a) you don’t drink tea, (b) you don’t take caffeine at night, and © you never leave a cup in the sink overnight.

Then imagine trying to do it 3000 years later, when 99.9% of the physical evidence has long since vanished from the face of the Earth, and the peoples, languages, and cultures are completely alien to you. Seems like a tall order to reconstruct anything of that in a totally non-biased way.


Well I don’t consider God to be biased if it got put in the Bible, I believe God made it happen. How do we know for certain John Hancock really signed the Declaration of Independence? I don’t personally need to see the quill and ink well he used to believe he signed it.


The fact that they were there and others weren’t tends to support the idea. :smiley:


what? the Bible is biased?

I keep asking people to tell me what pages to tear out of my Bible.


Do you have a hard time believing it? Perhaps the idea of a small people conquering great peoples by (you guessed it) miraculous means requires faith from you?

I hope and pray that you come to the conclusion of the Catholic Church: the Bible is in inerrant Word of God. It tells true stories, even if some symbolism is employed in a couple of books, it’s still true.


About twenty years ago I wrote an article reconciling the Bible and archaeology. And if you look in right archeological time period, everyone will say the people in Canaan (the Canaanites) were conquered by a nomadic people (Israel), who without any reasonable explanation. Spent years in the Negev desert, but did not build any structures there except pens for their animals. Conquered all the Transjordan, except Moab, which was left untouched. scripturescholar.com/BibleArchaeology.pdf (be careful my site was hacked) then conquered all Canaan before disappearing and being replaced by a sedentary people (again Israel).
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