Did Kierkegaard have any contribution to Christian thought (if any ?)

He was the son of a devote Lutheran father and from what I’ve heard his stuff is the basis for “Christian existentiaism” ,he was the first existentialist philosopher and had his own particuar reigious thoughts.I personally haven’t come across his name as commonly when it comes to religious Christian thought as say Paul Tillich though :shrug: .

No Kierkegaard, no Tillich.

Could you please explain why you say that?.I mean like general Christianity as whole not any one denomination.

Well, Tillich’s thoughts are deeply influenced by the notion that we must personalize our commitment to Truth – that it cannot remain merely “objective”. This notion is straight out of Kierkegaard.

So are you say a precursor to situational ethics, which actually do work in limited circumstances.

I read “The Sickness Unto Death” and “Fear and Trembling” as a young person. Of the two, I found “Fear and Trembling” most useful… I keep meaning to go back and read them. I do not recall being pulled off Catholic thought, rather, it helped lead me back Home. Perhaps when you are more sophisticated in these kinds of documents, you see more in them. I saw a statement that the beginning of knowing God is awe. Made sense to me! Kind of consistent with some of the things Fr. Barron says. Also our own pastor, and very consistently, other priests of recent memory.:slight_smile:

I don’t understand your question here, but I personally think that Kierkegaard is a great mind, and reading his writing has helped me grow in faith as well.

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