Did lent end today?


Does lent really end on Holy Saturday at noon? I heard that before but I find it questionable. Why would it?


Actually Lent ends at the beginning of the Mass on Holy Thursday. The Triduum is not actually part of Lent.

However for the purposes of one’s Lenten observance (if you gave up something or are doing something special), one generally maintains that until Easter (or at least until after the Easter Vigil if you attend that.)


Just for clarification purposes, this is what Paschale Solemnitatis has to say on the matter:

  1. During Holy Week, the Church celebrates the mysteries of salvation accomplished by Christ in the last days of his life on earth, beginning with his messianic entrance into Jerusalem.

The lenten season lasts until the Thursday of this week. The Easter Triduum begins with the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper, is continued through Good Friday with the celebration of the passion of the Lord and Holy Saturday, to reach its summit in the Easter Vigil, and concludes with Vespers of Easter Sunday.

I hope this helps.


Oh thats interesting that it ends on Thursday. I was taught that we could start eating candy/chocolate at noon on Holy Saturday. Perhaps thats the earliest conceivable time for a Easter Vigil service??

Edit: Maybe its cheating!!!


The Easter Vigil before 1951 used to be around that time, hence before in Canon law, fasting/abstinence was until then.


The earilest time Easter Vigil can start is SUNDOWN local time.


Lent ends at the end of the Lenten season which is Holy THurday mass of the Lord’s Supper. Lent is followed by Paschal Triduum which is the shortest Liturgical Season…SInce Fasting is required on Good Friday THe chocolate binge cannot begin until 1201 AM on Saturday Morning. However Chocolate binging would be the Cardinal sin of Gluttony so …NEVERMIND.


Lent ends on Holy Thursday.


We had Easter vigil at 4:30pm today, and the sun was out until 7:00 at least.

And my parish is traditional!


Obviously not THAT traditional.

From PASCHALE SOLEMNITATIS – Circular Letter Concerning the Preparation and Celebration of the Easter Feasts (The “How-to” manual for the Seasons of Lent and the Triduum)

  1. “The entire celebration of the Easter Vigil takes place at night. It should not begin before nightfall; it should end before daybreak on Sunday.” [82] This rule is to be taken according to its strictest sense. Reprehensible are those abuses and practices that have crept into many places in violation of this ruling, whereby the Easter Vigil is celebrated at the time of day that it is customary to celebrate anticipated Sunday Masses. [83]

Those reasons that have been advanced in some quarters for the anticipation of the Easter Vigil, such as lack of public order, are not put forward in connection with Christmas night nor other gatherings of various kinds.


It is the only day where the Church has specified the Easter Vigil begins at sundown local time, period, no exceptions. Otherwise the universal norm is not before 3pm or in the U.S. anytime after 4PM for a normal Saturday evening Mass or Holy Day Vigil.


:frowning: I can’t believe my parish would do something called not allowed by Rome. I’m going to ask them why. Thanks for pointing this out.


The sad thing is that many parishes in my diocese have been doing this for quite some time. The earliest one has scheduled their Easter Vigil is 5:30PM; two of them have it at 7:00PM. We waited until dark.

The bishop was made aware of the problem in January and was given the appropriate citation from Paschale Solemnitatis; but, nothing happened.

Now, regarding your original question, inasmuch as Lent ended on Holy Thursday, PS adds this interesting citation:

  1. The greatest mysteries of the redemption are celebrated yearly by the Church beginning with the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday and ending with Vespers of Easter Sunday. This time is called “the triduum of the crucified, buried and risen”; [42] it is also called the “Easter Triduum” because during it is celebrated the paschal mystery, that is, the passing of the Lord from this world to his Father. The Church, by the celebration of this mystery through liturgical signs and sacramentals, is united to Christ, her spouse, in intimate communion.
  1. The Easter fast is sacred on the first two days of the Triduum, in which, according to ancient tradition, the Church fasts “because the Spouse has been taken away.” [43] Good Friday is a day of fasting and abstinence; it is also recommended that Holy Saturday be so observed, so that the Church, with uplifted and welcoming heart, be ready to celebrate the joys of the Sunday of the Resurrection. [44]

So, even though Lent is over, we still should hold on to our Lenten regimens, at least until after the celebration of the Easter Vigil.


Thank you for those other quotes. At least I waited until after Easter Vigil to eat my chocolate and soda-pop :smiley:

I’ll ask the parish about the early easter vigil as soon as I figure out a humble way for a spiritual child like me to point out a possible error to a spiritual father like a priest and quote a papal document. I really have no idea if it’s possible for me to do that in a humble way.


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