Did Marco Polo discover America?


OK. Add another one to the existing list: the Vikings, the Chinese and Columbus.



Well you have the native Americans. I think they might like to throw their hat into the ring as to who discovered America first. How ever. There has been evidence of European settlement that dates back to at least 10,000 years before the Native Americans arrived.


Outside the Book of Mormon, what would that be?




Was Marco Polo even a real person as I saw a story that he was a composite of a couple of people?


There is some evidence that Irish monks under St. Brendan may have been before all of them.


I am humbled. :wink:



Thanks for the link — interesting read! :thumbsup:


Except the Eurocavemen, as noted above, of course. :wink:

I had heard that. Also I remember when I did a very casual research project on pre-Columbian visitors to America, reading also about some evidence that West African explorers may have made it to South America – where they place chronologically WRT Marco, I don’t remember.

Wasn’t there also some theory/conjecture regarding possible voyages of Phoenicians to this side of the pond?


I’m sorry, but since we have no historical records by non-Native American sources we must conclude that Native Americans prior to Columbus (the first non-Native American historical source we have) did not in fact exist.


What about their customs and import docs for the souvenirs they brought back? :hmmm:


Yeah, those are all forgeries made up years later by the English Crown as part of it’s misinformation campaign to discredit Catholic Spain and justify English pirates attacking Spanish shipping.


in 1975-76, Tim Severin made a currach which was a ox hide boat using the same methods that would have been used by St. Brendan and followed what they believed was the route as described by his writings. Tim Severin’s book is an incredible read and made St. Brendan’s voyage possible and believable. The earliest viking voyages to the New world, Iceland, Greenland etc did comment that they found Irish monk on the Faroe Islands and remains of dwelling on Greenland as well as their mention of native American describing white visitors that sang hymns. Ancient Orgam writings have been found in caves in West Virginia and their interpretation describes Christmas, the Nativity and the virgin birth. Likewise a skeleton that is European and not native American was found nearby as well. One of the things that Tim found out in traveling in an ox hide boat is that whales would follow them. He thought that the smell of the ox hide was attracking them. Tim also pointed out that the average climate was warmer than in modern times and the whale population would have been much larger due to the lack human hunting in the 6th century. Tim Severin also pointed out in the book that what probably stopped continued Irish monks was the invading vikings and their flee to safer environments. Tim also tried to recreate a Chinese bamboo raft and tried to cross the Pacific but the raft rotted half way there. I would definately recommend any of Tim’s books.


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