Did Martin Luther King Jr. have a position on abortion?

I’m asking because there are probably some wrong assumptions about him. For example, probably most Catholics don’t realize that he held a very negative opinion of the Pope and Catholic bishops. He thought of them as being oppressive and corrupt. I think his beliefs were what is known as Liberation Theology, and I think that’s why liberals have claimed him as their own. But I wonder if there is any strong evidence that he held the same views as them about abortion or if he was against it.

He accepted an award from Planned Parenthood. Also, Google Martin Luther King Jr. Abortion.

I looked at some of the results. Both sides claim he held their views. :shrug:

There is value to cultures upholding virginity and celibacy for the cause.

I think of the knights of old times who were most devout and religious soldiers. Or the holy virgins…

To be honest, i don’t think he thought about it much. It’s kind of hard to look at people back then and try to look at what they’d think now about abortion. I do sometimes wonder though what civil rights leaders thought about abortion. Same with politicians like JFK or other Catholic politicians before Roe V. Wade, especially those who didn’t live to see Roe V. Wade

If the Margaret Sanger Award acceptance speech that Planned Parenthood claims on their website was really written by him then he was totally sold on legalizing abortion and admired Margaret Sanger and all her efforts. :eek:

The world belongs to the rich and powerful.

Which is pretty amazing, knowing that the original purpose of “the pill” was to reduce the black population. Black preachers were approached by Sanger and her cohorts, convinced that birth control would benefit their poor community and then pushed upon the congregants.

If you read the material, it seems MLK was aware of that. Possibly fully aware.

Wow. I wasn’t aware of that.

Maybe he felt though that it would help his people by getting rid of lower ended blacks or some crazy theory like that. Also he could have just supported it because of his supposed extramarital dealings

I read an article by Deacon Harold Burke Sivers who said that in the early 60’s, most Afro American families lived in homes headed by both parents.

I think more of this racial and cultural background are beginning to find out about Margaret Sanger, and working to make the black community aware.

I don’t know how much Martin Luther King knew…except I would most likely see him more as a supporter of the birth control pill and preventing unwanted pregnancies, or for those parents not in the position to adequately provide for their children.

I also know that many blacks are very drawn to the Baptist denomination, and are put off by the concept of celibacy and virginity. I also am seeing more blacks becoming Catholics as well, and know participating in the sacramental life will lead them into new realities and mysteries of our Lord that will elevate them closer to Him.

Deacon Burke Sivers is an outstanding Catholic and is working in these areas for the black people.

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