Did Mary or Jesus ever get sick?


I have always believed that Mary and Jesus who were both conceived without original sin, never got sick. I have never heard anyone speak with authority about this. I have heard it said that Mary did not have labor pains and the hymen was not broken. All this because death, suffering and pain are results of original sin. Jesus of course did not have to die but chose to. The church is silent, I have been told, on whether or not Mary died before she was assumed into heaven.


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It is likely that Mary died without physical pain yes, but I do not know about never getting sick. I also think it is likely that she never had an argument with St Joseph or Jesus. Just a perfect family living in great faith and virtue and trusting in God.


When we say that death and suffering entered the world through original sin, I think that means the human condition for all humans became afflicted. I think that would apply just as well to those two special humans who have been conceived without original sin. With regard to suffering, we don’t know if Mary suffered at her passing, but we do know she suffered greatly at her son’s crucifixion. I think when Jesus took on our human condition he took on all the consequences of that condition, even if he was without sin. Working as a carpenter all those years alongside Joseph, he most likely got painful wood slivers on occasion. When he fasted in the desert for 40 days, it would not have been much of a sacrifice if that fasting did not cause him physical suffering as anyone would get from such fasting.


Certainly Mary suffered. But I was talking about pain and I think that refers to physical pain in Gen.


Also, I’m fairly sure the Passion was quite painful. Therefore I don’t buy the logic behind the no-suffering-therefore-no-sickness argument.


Catholics are free to believe Mary died or did not die before being assumed. It is the Assumption that is dogma, not her death or not.
Personally, I believe she probably died first.


I don’t believe that Mary or Jesus every suffered from illness or injury, except when God permitted this at the Passion of Christ. They each were free from the effects of original sin in body and soul.


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Jesus and I’m guessing Mary never got sick. They didn’t have original sin, so the effects of original sin, sickness, didn’t apply to them.


And you won’t.

We have no evidence either way so this is pointless speculation.


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“ The Church is silent about this “ - Theo2 isn’t !


In its article on “immaculate Conception,” the Catholic Encyclopedia says of Mary, “But she was not made exempt from the temporal penalties of Adam — from sorrow, bodily infirmities, and death.”

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