Did Mary's body enter heaven directly?


In thinking about the Assumption, I had a question. When Jesus was assumed into heaven, it was His resurrected, glorified Body. With Mary, was it her regular human body that was assumed? It just seems wonderful and amazing that anything plain and human could enter heaven directly.


Jesus was not assumed into heaven. He ascended body and soul into heaven of his own power. Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven by the power of God.

On the bodily assumption of Mary into heaven, the Church teaches (*Munificentissimus Deus * – defining the Dogma of the Assumption) the following:

  1. …the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.

  2. She by an entirely unique privilege, completely overcame sin by her Immaculate Conception, and as a result she was not subject to the law of remaining in the corruption of the grave, and she did not have to wait until the end of time for the redemption of her body.

  3. Thus St. John Damascene, an outstanding herald of this traditional truth, spoke out with powerful eloquence when he compared the bodily Assumption of the loving Mother of God with her other prerogatives and privileges. "It was fitting that she, who had kept her virginity intact in childbirth, should keep her own body free from all corruption even after death. It was fitting that she, who had carried the Creator as a child at her breast, should dwell in the divine tabernacles.

The full text of *Munificentissimus Deus * is here.

“Bishop Theoteknos of Livias (c. 550-650) delivered one of the most comprehensive early sermons concerning the Assumption: “For Christ took His immaculate flesh from the immaculate flesh of Mary, and if He had prepared a place in heaven for the Apostles, how much more for His mother; if Enoch had been translated and Elijah had gone to heaven, how much more Mary, who like the moon in the midst of the stars shines forth and excels among the prophets and Apostles? For even though her God-bearing body tasted death, it did not undergo corruption, but was preserved incorrupt and undefiled and taken up into heaven with its pure and spotless soul.”

The above excerpt is from an article on the Assumption by Father Saunders. To read click

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